Anthony (Tony) Hartman – Investigation for Fraud, Impersonation and Perjury – Fake DMCA 10199557 & 11853208

Beneficiary of Fake DMCA:

  • Anthony (Tony) Hartman

Contact Info:

Possible Infringements:

  • Perjury, Impersonation, Identity-theft, Misrepresentation

Submitted by:

  • Laura Shin
  •  Ingle Law Firm on behalf of Tony Hartman

Date of Submission:


This investigation needs to be covered in 2 part and 2 separate fake DMCA notices.

The first DMCA notice was filed on 26 Nov, 2014. It alleged that a article was copied on dozens of sites without consent. This modus operandi was active at that time, where the perpetrators file a random copyright notice, include a dozen or more URLs, and slip in the target URL in between, hoping that the Google employee would not manually check each of them and the target URL is passed on as infringing and be blocked on Google. This method bought a lot of success in it’s early days, until it was detected and fixed by Google staff.



The other fake DMCA was filed on 17 Feb, 2016, after the first attempt and subsequent efforts for an SEO-based campaign failed to dislodge the Ripoffreport URL.

A comment was published on the Ripoffreport Complaint on 25th January. That comment contained some lines conveniently taken from Tony Hartman’s book. Coincidence ? We think not.

Soon after, within 3 weeks, Ton’y Lawyers filed a DMCA notice with Google in order to remove the entire page from Google Search Results on the basis of this frivolous copyright allegation. Ripoffreport immedaitely redacted the questionable content, but it seems that Google still removed the URL afterall.


Now, no law firm would so blatantly use this illegal method. In fact, there is no clear indication that Ingle Law Firm even exists in reality. Here are a few recent DMCA reports filed lately by the same Law Firm. These are as fake, frivolous and fraudulent and we’ll soon publish our report on these –



It is the same old story. A firm has a negative review at Ripoff Report. It ranks high on Google and hurts their reputation as well as business.

Here is an excerpt from the review at Ripoffreport –

Tony Hartman is a financial advisor who has complaints against him at the national level through FINRA, and at the state level, through the Colorado State Division of Securities. He has signed a Consent Order with the State of Colorado where he agreed to never do bussiness again in the state. He also has a complaint against him at FINRA where he guided investment dollars to substantial investment loss while earning commissions to do so. We recommend that no discerning investor in the US should use Mr. Hartman as a financial advisor.

Anthony Hartman, a.k.a. Tony Hartman moved from Colorado to Texas after the CO Division of Securities revoked his license. He moved to Plano, TX where he does business as Anthony Hartman of Mark Capital. He has changed his Linkedin profile from Tony to Anthony Hartman and has erased all referencess to his work in Colorado as the head of Denver Financial Group. If you’re in TX, please be aware of this…

Interesting Links:

EDITOR’S COMMENT : For those who might ask – ‘why and how do we interject that ‘Anthony Hartman of Mark Capital’ has something to do with this fake DMCA. Couldn’t it be a coincidence ?’, we will say this – When someone goes and creates a whole new fake news site, falsifies his/her identity and submits fake DMCA to try and de-list some very targeted content on Google, it signals intent and a plan. It is obvious that ‘Anthony Hartman of Mark Capital’ or someone they hired was directly involved in this crime. Anthony Hartman of Mark Capital also cannot plead ignorance in this matter, since this notice on Google search is hard to miss, really.

We are awaiting more information from RipoffReport to ascertain who was behind this fake DMCA. We’ll update this page once we have more information. If you have any information to add to this investigation, get in touch with us at [email protected]

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