Maanit Zemel's complaint to Google

The dubious lawyer – Maanit Zemel, has tried everything in her books to hide her perjury and fraud on the court, and in the process has submitted nearly a dozen requests to Google to deindex our investigation reports from the search results.

The above is her latest attempt (view at ) in which she claims that is an extortion scheme, and that we will remove our reports in exchange of money.

So here’s our promise to you, Maanit. You can be assured that the more you try, the deeper you get into the mess you created. It’s the typical “streisand effect” phenomenon.

As for your lame accusations, here’s our challenge. Please go ahead and make a list of ALL articles we have published till date, and will publish in the future. Scan them for any broken (404) links on a daily basis and see whether we remove any article at all.

Webactivism has not, and will never remove a single word from its websites irrespective of any bribe offer, legal threat or any other form of pressure. You can take our word to the bank. As for our investigation on your clients and the fake court orders, we’ve barely even scratched the surface. We’ve barely begun to post our reports, or contact the judges, or tell our friends in media, or interview your clients. Rest assured, you’ve forced us to take the extra effort in doing all that we’ve just mentioned.

Have a nice day !



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  • jim • Reply

    LMAO! Hilarious how this crooked lawyer Maanit Zemel uses her old photos from 15 years ago on her Twitter, web site and all other broachers. She looks nothing like how she is in the photos (she is more freaky looking now a days and has aged rapidly)…

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