Dr Jay Calvert – The Man Who Scarred Me For Life

Hello WebActivism,

I am writing this since i have been left with nowhere else to express my grief, expose the scammer Jay Calvert and make people aware about the horrific experience i have had which has had an irreversible effect and impact in my life. Wherever else i have been posting my complaint and exposing Dr Jay Calvert, it has been vanishing and i am shocked to see how desperately this man is trying to hide the truth by illegal and illicit techniques.

I have had a truly terrible experience at the hands of Dr. Jay Calvert and now I’ve come to know that I’m not the only one! Yes, for those who are victims like lambs to slaughter, they’ll keep visiting his Beverly Hills clinic where this guy operates from. You know I asked for a rhinoplasty and facelift and his work has left me scarred (and scared) for life. This doctor clearly stated how the facelift would be a regular one and incision would go from the temple zone (hidden by my hairline). He did it from front of ears to jawline without doing the temple/eye zone or upper cheek.

This took place on the few months ago when I visited. Now the outer corners of my eyes have been stretched downwards and there are scars around the ears which can be noticed. Calvert did not even make an attempt to hide them and the revision for the nose has made one bigger than the other. He has not stitched the incisions around the nostril which means I have an open ended one. There are tons of lumps for the nose bridge and stitches on one nostril are higher as compared to the other.

The doctor conveniently forgot to file the nose bridge as he himself said. When I asked him to correct the error, he kept delaying the process for a year after which he asked me to pay for correcting the error. What I think is that there is a one-year deadline for correction which he managed to bypass by doing this. I also wanted a nurse to stay after the operation. The nurse he recommended, whisked away my money, pain medication and cellphone in the bargain. This man is clearly incompetent and does not deserve to practice like this.

Furthermore, as you will see here- https://dr-jay-calvert.pissedconsumer.com/fraud-20150316608868.html, Dr. Jay Calvert has already been accused of fraud on the basis of an Orange County lawsuit filed in 2014. The guy actually defrauded his partner from MD Insider Inc. and walked away with the latter’s shareholding! Calvert is also involved in a case of insurance fraud (criminal case) in Orange County. Why then, is this man allowed to go on with this practice? He is a liar, cheat and clearly not suited for the job. I wish he is banned so that other hapless patients are not caught in his web of lies.

In fact, I also found other people who are suffering like me from Calvert’s incompetence. Just look https://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/jay-calvert-m… and you will find the actual review of another client who called Dr. Calvert a poor surgeon yet great salesman and rued her scars and poor results.On this site, the positive reviews are the fake ones people but this is the truthful bad review that stands out.

In fact, Calvert’s doing a great job of standing out from the crowd (pun intended) in terms of illegal and unethical activities. The LA Times (http://www.latimes.com/tn-dpt-me-1120-plastic-surgeon-fraud-charge-20131119-story.html) broke ground on how this Newport Beach plastic surgeon performed procedures which were not needed with an aim to increase the billing for the insurance company of his patient who had asked for a nose job. The man also lied under oath (look at his guts) in the proceedings linked to the lawsuit filed by the victim in August 2010. He faces felony counts for manufacturing of documents for supporting this fraudulent bill, medical insurance fraud and perjury while under oath as per these reports.

His aim was to overcharge the insurance company by a whopping $40, 000 as per these reports. These unnecessary procedures have reportedly caused long-lasting medical damage to the patient as well, something which literally makes me shiver up my spine! You will also find more information on this here like I did- https://www.newportbeachindy.com/plastic-surgeon-suspected-performing-unnecessary-procedures-fraud/

To put it straight, I want justice to be handed out to men like Calvert who do not care about their patients and instead run after money, even cheating, defrauding and harassing ordinary people like me. The end result is physical, medical and mental damage which only we who are suffering really know how it feels like.

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Rusty green

Scottie I have a close friend who also was hurt damaged and scared by this useless Dr. .She is as of now in California trying to find answers . He story is so much like yours She at the time doesn’t know if she contacts you is legal ,so I am doing for her . Think she is worried about her name being on facebook could hurt her case . i will be glad to give her your name Natalie West from Los Vegas Nv. Her facebook account is down for 30 days . Will get her e-mail address for… Read more »


Hi There Rusty and original poster! (Scottie?) We , too, are trying to get more information about this doctor. Can you contact me ASAP? Thank you!!