Beneficiary of Fake DMCA:   

  • Lana Rozenberg DDS

Contact Info:   

Possible Infringements:   

  • Perjury, Impersonation, Identity-theft, Misrepresentation

Submitted by:   

  • Brian Boone

Date of Submission:   

  •  April 22, 2016


On April 22, 2016, one Brian Boone filed a DMCA notice at Google claiming that his article at was copied and published as a ‘review’ on without his consent.

For nearly a year, Google removed the Ripoffreport reviews after complying with the DMCA notice, until Ripoffreport changed it’s URL structure allowing the reviews to be allowed on Google Search once again. Upon filing  counter-notices, Google also canceled the original DMCA and rejected the claims.

Let’s examine the case –

This is what ‘Brian Broone’ claims –

So we contacted Brian Boone @ and asked him about this DMCA notice. As expected, Brian or has nothing to do with this fake DMCA and are concerned how easy it is to impersonate anybody to file a legal takedown notice against anyone.

There really is nothing to add to this investigation. It took us 5 minutes to verify the facts and put it here. So while you’re here, why not view the original complaint which Dr. Lana Rozenberg tried to cover up – (credit: as posted at )

I recently moved back home to NYC and was in need of a dentist to fix a root canal.  I called Dr. Rozenberg’s office after finding her on Google.  When I called her office, I was excited to hear that she could see me immediately.  I emphasized to the office manager that I strongly dislike going to the dentist because of my fear of needles.  I explained to the office manager that I need to be given nitrous if they need to give me shots.  The office manager said that they specialize in dental phobias and that they would take care of me and that I had nothing to worry about. The office manager also asked for my insurance information over the phone and I told her that I have Delta and she said great and come on down.

When I got to her office and signed in, I started noticing red flags.  First off, the inside of the office looked like it was straight out of an episode of The Munster’s.  It was run down and very depressing.  The office manager (the same one that I spoke to on the phone earlier) was all of a sudden now telling me how horrible Delta was and that I would have to pay the dental bill in full at the end of the visit and she would have to submit the claim to the insurance company and that I would get reimbursed directly from the insurance company.  After all the years that I had Delta, this was the first dental office that wanted to do the billing this way.  When I asked the office manager why she didn’t mention this to me on the phone, she played dumb and acted like we didn’t discuss the insurance on the call which was an obvious lie.  I also asked her why this was the first time that I heard of having to pay the entire bill in full after the appt. and get reimbursed by Delta, she said that it was a new policy that they just issued.

Anyways I was in tremendous pain and did not feel like arguing over insurance.  After sitting in their lobby for 45 minutes, my name was finally called to see Dr. Rozenberg.  I again emphasized my fear of needles to Dr. Rozenberg and I was told not to worry and that I just needed to get an x-ray.  They took the x-ray and I needed a root canal.  The first thing that Dr. Rozenberg did was grab the needle and I told her that I needed nitrous before getting the shot. She said that office did not have nitrous and then she started to ridicule me and made me feel very uncomfortable to the point where I walked out before she did any work. I asked her why she didn’t just tell me over the phone that the office does not have nitrous she acted dumb. If I knew that they didn’t specialize in dental phobias then I would have went to another dentist that did.

After wasting an hour in her office and still in major pain with nothing fixed, I was charged $200 for the visit.  I paid with my debit card.  This was over a month ago and I still have not received a single penny from the insurance company.  I called Delta a week after my visit and they told me that Dr. Rozenberg submitted a wrong ADA code so they only issued a $45 reimbursement check until Dr. Rozenberg fixed the code and resubmitted the claim.  She still has not resubmitted the code and its been over a month. The insurance company also sent the $45 check directly to the dental office made out to the dental office so that whole story about me getting reimbursed directly by the insurance company was a complete lie. I was told by the dental office that they cut me a check for the $45 and put in the mail.  This was 3 weeks ago and I still have not received the check.  Each time I called to follow up, the office manager gave me some excuse as to why it was taking so long to change the ADA codes (vacations, long weekends, Delta’s fault, etc.) I also had to leave her office numerous messages and have sent numerous emails and not a single message was returned. I called in again last Friday which was now over a month since the appointment and the office manager said that I must be a drunk since I call so much.  I have never felt so scammed and disrespected by someone. It is very sad and hard to believe that a dentist can be so unethical, manipulative, and unprofessional.  Never once did I get an apology for wasting my time or a sorry that it was taking so long to get reimbursed.  Instead the blame was put on me and the insurance company. 

I looked online and found many websites that listed stories very similar to mine from patients of Dr. Rozenberg’s that were scammed out of their money.  The patients had insurance with all different companies but they were all told that they had to pay the bill in full and then get reimbursed by the insurance company.  There are hundreds of dentists in Manhattan, choose one of them.  You work too hard for your money for it to be stolen by some crooked dentist. Stay far away from Dr. Rozenberg!


It is the same old story. A firm has a negative review at Ripoff Report. It ranks high on Google and hurts their reputation as well as business.

There were multiple reviews on against Dr. Lana Rozenberg and her Dental Clinic, and ranked on #1 at Google for many years. It seems she hired a reputation or a lawfirm to take care of it. The fake DMCA worked until Ripoffreport changed it’s URL structure allowing the removed links to be re-indexed on Google search. 

Finally, it seems they simply paid Ripoffreport to get a verified status on that website to protect their reputation. However, it did them no favor by trying a fraudulent method to confront these reviews.


In case you are one of the ‘beneficiaries’  listed in this report and are wondering what really happened, we suggest you look within. If it wasn’t you, or your associates, it is definitely the ‘Reputation’ or ‘SEO’ firm you have hired in the past. Perhaps even your law firm. So, instead of blaming us for this article, you must grill your Reputation/SEO firm and look for answers. We are merely publishing the facts available on public database and have nothing against you personally. It is more than likely that the service you hired indulged in criminal methods to deliver results for you.

Meanwhile, we are awaiting more information from watchnet and Google to ascertain who was behind this fake DMCA. We’ll update this page once we have more information. If you have any information to add to this investigation, get in touch with us at [email protected]

Soon after we published the first set of our investigation reports on fake DMCAs, we managed to generate interest from online media such as Techdirt, Adweek and Huffington Post. Some of the key stories included our revelations on Torrence Boone ,, Julia Scelfo and aReputation. We also shared unpublished data and information with 3 different law agencies who looked into this scam.

And we got results. We dented this fake DMCA industry and made sure we act as deterrent to the rogue reputation firms indulged in these criminal practices. Here are some of the outcomes and changes we made possible with the help of several other citizen lawyers and agencies –

Fake Fraudulent DMCA might seem inconspicuous, until its you at the receiving end of this crime. This is not a prank. This is not an inconvenience. This is not random. These fake DMCA cases are calculated criminal schemes targeting very specific and rather important information/content. These hitjobs are usually against media, in order to help their clients hide important information from public’s eye, all in the name of Reputation Management. Millions of dollars are spent doing this, and if no one wants to bring this topic to the fore, we will.

Our team will not constantly monitor and publish these reports on a DAILY basis without fail. And we do not plan to publish and forget. We will take constructive steps in order to expose the faces behind this scam, and to try and undo the damages. AND IF YOU INDEED PART OF THIS SCAM, WE WILL ENSURE THAT YOU GET WHAT’S COMING YOUR WAY. 

This complaint and/or review was posted on on Apr 3, 2018 @ 18:27 and is a permanent record located here: The posting time indicated is Central Standard Time.

Furthermore, has an exclusive license to Dr. Lana Rozenberg investigation. It may not be copied without the written permission of This investigation on Dr. Lana Rozenberg is submitted and written by one of our member. Any and all opinions and information are published as is. We does not edit or remove any aspect of the report and is merely a free-speech platform.

As such, we cannot be held liable for the investigation reports and articles posted about Dr. Lana Rozenberg.



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  • Kevin Angileri • Reply

    This fat hideous clown has nothing to do with “moving back home yo NYC”…. we are closing on this extortionist scammer very soon. He thinks he can use Cloudflare proxy through AZ and mask his identity… LOL. There is no “Webactivism” team; it’s this pathetic loner and it’s gonna be the outing of the century! Dr. Janice Duffy and others have known his identity for a while now. We’re registering domains for the final show and tell. Hang in there!

    • Web Activist

      Pretty awesome. What is this extortion scheme you talk about? Exposing sad pathetic criminals indulged in perjury, fraud and impersonation is extortion? Educate us plz.

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