Fake DMCA Investigation – Threats, Intimidation and Bribe offer keep on flowing

It has been 2 weeks since we published our first report on fake DMCA scam. 14 days and counting…

We must have ruffled some feathers because within days, we have started getting angry responses, questions and even $$ offers for removal of ‘specific’ investigation reports. We feel an obligation to inform our viewers of what’s going on, and where we stand. Below are some screenshots and allegations and threats, and we’ll continue to investigate them now. Our resolve is even stronger now.

Since some of the threats are personal in nature (even though our identities are secured), we’ll be forwarding them to the relevant authorities for investigation and action.

We will now start the next phase of our campaign, which is to –

  • contact all parties involved and apprise them of our investigation
  • contact all victims of fake DMCA and assist them in filing counter-notice to restore the content
  • contact all service providers, domain owners to ascertain the identity of these rogue reputation firm for the purpose of naming and shaming them
  • send physical and digital copies of our findings to our friends in media, law and other institutions where this issue can be discussed on a bigger platform

The Offer

It all started with an anonymous email, seeking ‘information on our investigation on the fake DMCA industry. We responded with answers to the queries.


The questions looked as if someone was trying to tap us, to know whether we’d be interested in a pay-off to remove certain content.


They kept on asking why we’re against the ‘poor victims’ who are just trying to protect their reputation online (by committing perjury, fraud and impersonation)


The Threat

It started out as an email, warning us that someone is so pissed off at our investigations, they’re forced to take drastic steps.

(We were concerned because we thought this is about committing self-harm. So we replied)


You can see our response to the above email, where we asked what this is all about.

The reply was in an angry/threatening tone, addressing us by an Indian name (which we redacted for privacy purpose). Perhaps a business rival, which we will definitely investigate as it looks like he/she might also be involved in this racket. The email further threatened us to stop publishing our investigation reports because it is hurting their (scam) business. The email went on to state that they know our addresses and our profession/intention. Fair enough, they are angry. Point made

Then they threatened to put out ‘dirt’ about us, to which we said ‘ok’ !


We informed them that there is no privacy policy regarding a threatening email, to which they dared us to go public. And here we are  🙂


This was our penultimate reply to them, asking them to calm down and relax. There was some good advice in it as well. Hope they see reason.


While we were writing this article, they emailed us again. And this time, there is a direct physical threat to our investigators (and for some reason, their life partner. In this case, it must be my cat).

The entire thing feels as if these guys think is affiliated with a Reputation Firm, directly or indirectly. And they seem to be absolutely convinced about this. 

However, as the end of it all, the threats seem real enough to have them reported to the relevant agencies. We will keep you updated on whatever happens next. 


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