Fake DMCA Scam – Rebuttal to Absolute Dental Hygiene Associates Lame Questions

So we were recently notified by a viewer about an open challenge to us posted by Absolute Dental Hygiene Associates at . These shameless idiots posted an open letter to Webactivism on their website, without leaving any link on the homepage. We were not notified at all. No emails, no tweets, no backlinks.

Somehow, we doubt they wanted us to know about this in the first place. Nevertheless, here’s our answer to their stupid queries, point by point –


It has come to our attention that this office has been accused of fraud. impersonation and perjury – fake copyright takedown scam by an anonymous source. 

We’re not only accusing, but proving that you committed perjury by knowingly filing fake DMCA against a website you do not own. We are not anonymous. We are Webactivism and have been taking clowns like you down for years. By the look of your cheap website, we do however question your credibility and quality.


First and foremost, we do not need to explain the merits of a copyright to an anonymous individual.  We strongly urge and suggest that this individual come forward and identify themselves.  Apparently they are from  Come forward. 

We have come forward. Not only that, we’ll use multiple platforms to voice our opinions and findings. You do not need to explain anything to us. But how about a competent authority who deals in fake DMCAs ? How about some media orgs ?


If what you claim is true and not defamatory than you can identify yourself, provide us with your first, last name, and address.  In addition, prior to discussing anything with you, you must also send a copy of your identification, such as valid passport with a photo and other valid photo government issued documents clearly showing your current address. We require two valid pieces of identification from you.

LOL. Stop diverting the issue. You were the one filing fake DMCAs. How about suing us for real ? Or filing a police complaint ? Or reporting us to a news media to arbitrate the issue ? Do something about it, no ? Ofcourse we will be then forced to respond to a competent and legal authority and show them our passport copies :d


After receiving these documents we will openly discuss the DMCA notice, naturally of course, it will be our lawyer that you will be providing your identification to and the lawyer will educate you at, no charge, about copyrights. Failure to contact us without your valid identification documents and there will not be any discussion. But most likely you will NOT be contacting us for fear of being litigated against for defamation and, rightly so.  We strongly urge and recommend that you learn how copyrights work before making serious and false accusations.

So finally, let’s get to the real point. Which is – you do NOT have any copyrights. You never had any. You were lying then, and are lying now. Either you cannot afford a lawyer, or you’re being taken for a ride by the so-called lawyer. Take some time to read the below court judgements on copyright ownership at a user-generated content website like Ripoff Report –

So if you claim to own the copyright and then filed the DMCAs, you’re more likely to pay a hefty sum to Ripoff Report.

In fact, Webactivism can confirm that not a single user (who posted these articles at Ripoff Report) were contacted by you for copyright acquisition. You cannot buy copyrights at a Walmart, honey.


We look forward to being contacted by the anonymous accuser but realize that it is highly unlikely.  As they most likely take comfort sitting behind a computer and posting as an anonymous individual.  Fairly cowardly, don’t you agree?  You may contact us at: [email protected] However, we anticipate that you will not be contacting us. We also believe that the anonymous person is an acquaintance of ED MAGEDSON from RIP OFF REPORT doing his bidding. 

So here’s our response. Let us know what you make of it. A copy is being sent to media orgs and Ed @ Ripoff Report.

You are what you are – a lame, lying and a trashy business who can commit perjury to remove criticism.

Have a nice day sir !

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