Fortis Property and Abrams Law – Money can’t buy you class

Who is Louis Kestenbaum ? – Louis Kestenbaum is a founding member and the Chairman of Fortis Property Group, LLC of New York City, the private, diversified, real estate investment, operating, management and development company. (as claimed at https://fortispropertygroup.com/management/louis-kestenbaum/) . He’s a filthy rich Jew Businessman, and of course, controversial.

Who is Abrams Law ? – A top law firm working for Fortis Group, owned by Lous Kestenbaum. This law firm is credited for ‘cleaning up the internet’ for Louis Kestenbaum. These are the guys who ‘uphold’ the law by suppressing free speech. If you throw enough money and law books at a blogger or publisher, the only fatality is ‘Truth’. To their credit, this is indeed a powerful law firm not accessible to the poor and the middle class. They’re legal muscle for hire, and you’ll see below what we mean when we explain their intimidation tactics.

Long story short – A very blog dedicated towards malpractices in the Jewish community published an article on Louis Kestenbaum, the President of Fortis Property Group. A very rich enterprise based in Manhattan. Let it be known that we could not verify the accuracy of that article published at LostMessiah. It did not matter, since after a few legal notices and threats of lawsuits, in addition to actual physical threats, manhandling of the blogger and constant harassment, the blogger decided to take down the article.

It was after a few month that we at Webactivism discovered a series of fake copyright notices, probably sent by an agency hired by either Louis Kestenbaum, or it’s lawfirm. The purpose of sending these fake DMCA notices was to try and remove the ‘unwanted’ negative articles quietly and cheaply.And of course, illegally.

Webctivism is driven by exposing these blatant disregard of cyber laws and intellectual property rights. We do not care, condone or condemn the information published in the original article (at LostMessiah) which was targeted. If the content was defamatory, illegal and libel, Louis Kestenbaum and his lawyers had every right to approach the law. What they did was, hire rogue reputation firms to try ‘every trick in the box’ to take the content down. Why? because it’s usually quicker and cheaper.

Well, now they got caught !

After we published the investigation report on the fake Copyright notices filed on behalf of Louis Kestenbaum, we decided to re-publish the articles targeted by those fake DMCAs, so that the motive behind this perjury is rendered useless.

Above are the 4 articles, including the now-removed content.

As soon as the articles were published, Louis Kestenbaum activated his lawyer-hound – Anthony Genovesi ([email protected]), who took no time in deciding that Webactivism.com is owned by the blogger at a totally random Blog – LostMessiah.Wordpress.com .

Mr. Anthony has since then filed a lawsuit against the blogger, who contacted us for clarification. Even the blogger had no idea why anyone would think that Webactivism is owned, or remotely linked with LostMessiah.Wordpress.com. The lawsuit, sent to this blogger, clearly targets Webactivism.

In spite of our objection, sent to the lawyer Anthony Genovesi, he has no intention of challenging us. Instead, he believes that by getting an ex-parte decision by targeting LostMessiah, he will get the court to judge in his favor and get the links removed from Google.

Thankfully, neither LostMessiah, neither Webactivism has no intention of laying down the arms.  We have the truth on our side. These people committed perjury to try and remove article before, and failed. They will not succeed this time either.

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