Global Fitness Inc and Cardio Addicts LLC – Insensitive and Deplorable Scammers

A while back, Webactivism published an investigation report on how Fitness Deals USA was using cyber criminals to hide/remove negative reviews published against themselves, in particular, some highly damaging comments on

Here is a link to our investigative report –

And here is a link to the review they were trying to hide –

So what are we doing writing another article on these individual ? Well, we were provided a LOT of information on Global Fitness Inc, it’s boss and associates, and a harassment campaign against a consumer that needed to be analysed, published and discussed.

This entire article is based on information and evidence provided by a consumer, who’s identity we will not reveal. We would also submit that we might have only one side of the story, and would appreciate if the other parties contribute to this article. We’ll be more than happy to publish their side of the story.

Fitness Deals USA (like many other fake companies) use facility of Global Fitness Inc. Here’s the Yelp page for this entity –

As you can see from reviews there are A LOT of fake once. We tried to archive and collect all critical reviews, but by the time we got them, many of them already got removed (see link:

Also, they been “noosing” their 5-star rating on FB: . Most of these are fake 5-star rating from India, Bangladesh, etc… We are told that all those small companies which scam people buy merchandise from Global Fitness Inc, and Global Fitness ships (sometimes) it to clients! Its probably a Ponzi scheme!

So we have decided to compile a list of negative reviews, with due credits, and published them on this article. We would really like to see how anyone attempts to remove these opinions from

Came here to see elliptical trainer that was advertised as in stock and was about $350. I wanted to purchase but I was told that it wasn’t in stock because the machine I saw on there website was a 15 year old elliptical trainer that they didn’t have because it was an old model.
huh!!!!!!!! Don’t waste your time or money with this place.

published by Luz at Yelp

DO NOT EVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!!  They straight up lie to you!  I’ve had a treadmill for almost 6 months now and a month after we got it it broke down, well guess what its 5 months later and i’m still waiting on getting it fixed!!!  I called today before my 6 month warranty is up and demanded it be sent back!  I will never ever do business with them again!  Terrible  customer service and they talk to you like you are an idiot!!!  Oh and to top it off I had MY PROFESSIONAL service guy come take a look at it and he took it apart and come to find out its all cheap parts, and it was rusted out underneath!!!!  WTF?????  I learned my lesson the hard way and am trying to save you all some trouble and gray hairs!

published by Emily at Yelp

Ordered a refurbished elliptical trainer from this company.  Shipping company contacted me and said they couldn’t deliver it inside.  I had no way to bring it inside, so I cancelled the order.  They charged my credit card AFTER I had cancelled the order.  Stay as far away from this company as you can.

published by Ken at Yelp

The only reason I gave this place one star is because 0 stars was not an option.  I ordered and paid for treadmills Oct.14 (treadmills that according to the website were in stock and ready to ship in 48 hours) It is Nov.18  (6 weeks later) and I have not received the treadmills yet.  So false advertisement and TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE is all this place is good for.

published by Jenny at Yelp

Guess the claims of “fake reviews” are accurate when it comes to this place (if only I had known in advance). BTW- In the event that THIS review actually happens to show on the main page, make sure to scroll ALLL THE WAY DOWN & check out all of the MANY other countless “not currently recommended” (aka-REAL) Yelp reviews that Global Fitness will strategically hide from view as they will give you a VERY clear idea of what your end result will be. Typical “bait & switch” scam job advertising here, so the first tip is to not get too excited when you visit the website & come across a reasonably-priced piece of fitness equipment from your shopping list. I placed what would have been the first of SEVERAL orders (had it actually been completed) on their website, got nothing but automated responses in regards to my order, placed endless calls, & the only follow-up to my order (aside from non-stop excuses/lip service from employees whenever I called in to check the status of my order) came a WEEK & ONE DAY LATER by way of Ms. “Gabriela” sending a short little email (at the end of the workday on a FRIDAY) advising me that the unit I purchased a week & one day ago was not available to ship. Then the email goes on & attempts to “bait & switch” scam me into purchasing a completely different model, with specs/build quality that are light years away from the model I ordered (but you, as the customer, are supposed to be too stupid to realize that you’re being taken in the event that you fall for this). 

Review any piece of equipment on this website & you’ll notice the same typical copy/paste descriptions for each item which will state most (if not ALL) of the following; “All our Certified used treadmills have undergone a 42-point inspection”, “Our machines are thoroughly tested, professionally detailed, and packaged”, “Our certified operational fitness products are truly in a league of their own” etc.etc.etc. “. You submit your order & the system gives you a sketchy looking “order number”. If you select the “white glove” delivery option, the website claims that you’ll receive a quote for “white glove” delivery in your email within 24 hours, yet you can rest assured that this “quote” will NEVER arrive in your inbox. From there, you call in to request the quote by phone & you go in circles on the obnoxious IVR system until you finally reach the ONE person who apparently handles orders (that is IF you’re lucky, as she just might decide to take several days off on the very day you place your order & then you’re just stuck staring at your confirmation email until she returns since nobody else answers the phone at this place). Here’s another cool thing to note: The more you call in to follow up on your order, the more rude the person who answers the phone gets, so in the end there is no way to escape obnoxious because if you don’t get it from the IVR system you’ll get it from the human who finally decides to answer the phone.

When all is said & done, the bottom line is that you will waste upwards of a week thinking (per the false advertising) that you’ll be receiving a picture/video in your email, clearly displaying the exact unit that you are purchasing, & this infamous email will NEVER arrive. You’ll continue waiting on this “white glove” delivery service quote & the quote never seems to appear. Worst of all, you’ll waste an entire WEEK of your life passing up other local options for the same equipment (thinking that you’re all set now because you already got one on the way) & in the end, “Gabriela” will duck & dodge the process of returning your calls/following up on the status of your order, & a week after placing your order, she’ll shoot you a short email basically telling you that the item you ordered is not available to ship (only to try & up sell you on a COMPLETELY different model [from a COMPLETELY different brand] as she prepares to dash out the office for the weekend). Oh yea, and don’t expect “Roy” (the owner of the company) to take ownership & get you taken care of; He’ll just make excuses for his staff members, disregard you as the prospective new customer & then make his employees out to be the victim once you call them out on their deceptive business practices & lack of elementary customer service skills (all while he goes on to brag about how long his company has been in business, etcetcetc.). Just a complete mess, & I truly wish I could get back all of the time that I wasted dealing with this joke of a company. 

If there is ANY doubt after reading all of this, here is my FINAL suggestion (& if you disregard it, then go ahead & blame the end result on YOUR decision); Any time you visit a company website & you see that the toll free number at the top of the website changes EVERY SINGLE TIME you visit the page, let THAT (if NOTHING else) be the red flag that tells you to run the other direction lol. Be wise or face the consequences, folks; If it seems too good to be true, IT IS. RUN… Goodluck & Godspeed.

Fantastic review published by Professional Shopper at Yelp

This company’s customer service and delivery is DEPLORABLE!!!  Once they have your money, they deliver it when they feel like it!  I am on 10 days late and counting with only cheap lip service and empty promises.  We should always buy local so local businesses can be held accountable rather than not having any control over when a company chooses to deliver what you purchased. 

Update:  after quite a bit of effort, the bike still arrived 2 weeks late; however, they returned my shipping charge, which was the right thing to do.  The bike is fantastic.  I had to deal with the GM to get anywhere on a resolution about the botched shipping.

published by Lisa at Yelp

My company used to buy fitness equipment from Global Fitness Inc back in 2015.
After 6 months of being in business, I started getting chargebacks and went 80K negative. I got scammed by my ex-business partner – Alex Stan Goncharov (aka Alex Stanley).
Alex was using Global Fitness facility to buy and ship merchandise, and according to paperwork everything was shipped, but most of the clients did not receive merchandise.
I asked Global Fitness to provide with all financial records for my company. After reviewing documents provided by Global Fitness Inc I found following:
– I was charged for another company;
– Global Fitness did not include information for clients who did chargebacks, while on documents provided by shipping companies it states clearly: Global Fitness Inc.;
– Global Fitness employees were in direct contact with clients who did chargebacks (confirmed by clients in written form);
– Global Fitness Inc did not tell me about machines which returned to their facility, I found out about it from proceeds provided by shipping companies.
On top of it, I was charged 4K for Cardiosales LLC debt, but Global Fitness inc is denying this fact as well, even after I sent them record of THEIR communication where their employees are asking to cover the debt.
When I asked global fitness inc to refund the money they charged me for cardio sales LLC, they refused to do it and said that I am harassing them and trying to extort money, while all I need is to know what happened with my lost merchandise which THEY shipped + refund of the money I paid for another company!
I been trying to resolve this situation from February 2016, and instead of helping me finding correct records, Global Fitness Inc continued their business relationship with Alex Stan Goncharov and his new company – Cardio Addicts LLC. Cardio Addicts was in business for one year, and closed down early 2018 due to chargebacks….
Due to all what happened, my health been affected and I suffer from sever personal injury. Global Fitness Inc knew about it….
All stated above based on documents and legal records.
P.S. other companies of Alex Stan Goncharov: Eon Fitness, JM Fitness Store, Cardiosales LLC, Cardio Addicts LLC, UsedEllipticals.NET, California-trainer, maybe more

published by Cardio Addicts at Birdeye

This article will be updated on a regular basis till the end of time. We invite any inputs, information and tips regarding these people and businesses. We will keep your identity secret and will publish any and all information you want to share with potential victims of these scams. Our email is – [email protected] ..

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