Google’s VP Torrence Boone behind fake DMCA notice sent to Google !!

Update 2 : [12 Aug 2016] Patrick Coffee, of AdWeek – AgencySpy investigated this case internally, and has come out with more scathing evidences and a full report which you can see at –

Torrence Boone has a lot to answer for. Particularly when we are aware which particular Rep Firm was hired to do this job, the persons responsible and what happened behind the back. We are willing to make those records public at an appropriate time.


Update 1 : [02 Aug 2016] After our investigation report went online, AdWeek – AgencySpy realized that the DMCA was phony, and has restored the original article

Google should soon index the URL once more and feature in its search results.Meanwhile, the imposter article has vanished along with the fake website, leaving behind a trail of evidence for us to collect and investigate.

Beneficiary of Fake DMCA:

  • Torrence Boone

Contact Info:

Possible Infringements:

  • Perjury, Impersonation, Identity-theft, Misrepresentation

Fake Link/Website Used:

Date of Submission:

  • November 12, 2015


The allegations in the DMCA report filed on 12 Nov 2015 are simple. It states that an article published in 2010 on was plagiarised from, and therefore must be removed. The article on was dated 12 Jan 2010, and was claiming to be the original.

Ok, so it seems has removed the article from its website – , which is a shame. We’re curious to know the reason behind this and are awaiting response from their Editor – Patrick Coffee.

Meanwhile, let’s analyse the claims in the DMCA report –

Now, ever since we started our investigation and have already named this fake website to be involved in another crime, the perpetrators have taken down this website.

Here is a snapshot of what was published on this fake website


For a website claiming to be online since 2010, it is disheartening to see if for sale in 2014


The registrar and hosting history reveal that this ‘current’ website was set up on 9th-10th Sep 2015, and DID NOT exist before that.


And the state of the website in 2010 confirms our doubt. The domain was not even hosted in 2010. 


Let’s also analyze other points –

  • The alleged reporter of the article on this fake news website ‘Misha Bennigton’, DOES NOT EXIST in real life.
  • are serial offenders when it comes to fake DMCA . Check out their other DMCA notices
  • The image used on the article planted by pointed to The URL structure of other images revealed that the website was uploaded in Oct 2015



Torrence Boone had an unflattering history prior to being employed by Google. As George Parker puts it –

The “Agency of the Future” has fired all the creative directors, they have taken ninety nine percent of the content out of the website (it’s just a list of offices now.) Torrence Boone is toast after they promoted him to CHAIRMAN, in charge of “special projects.” That lasted all of one month, and then they just bounced him out altogether. Gone. Fucking gone! And no one has a clue where he went. Now some douchenozzle by the name of Ronnie Job, from the Copenhagen office, is the “CEO of the Month.” There isn’t a word about this on any of the news sites

AgencySpy ( published an article mentioning the above, titled ‘Google Hires “Unemployable” Torrence Boone’. For reasons unknown, this article has been removed from the website. However, you can find traces of it on on another of their article –

It seems Torrence Boone had his way and had the embarrassing article removed from the internet. But before using his Klout and influence, he hired a reputation/PR agency to resolve this.

This is what they did –

Interesting Links:

EDITOR’S COMMENT : For those who might ask – ‘why and how do we interject that ‘Torrence Boone’ has something to do with this fake DMCA. Couldn’t it be a coincidence ?’, we will say this – When someone goes and creates a whole new fake news site, falsifies his/her identity and submits fake DMCA to try and de-list some very targeted content on Google, it signals intent and a plan. It is obvious that ‘Torrence Boone’ or someone he hired was directly involved in this crime. Torrence Boone also cannot plead ignorance in this matter, since this notice on Google search is hard to miss, really.

We are awaiting more information from regarding the reasons why they had to remove their article from the website.  We’ll update this page once we have more information. If you have any information to add to this investigation, get in touch with us at [email protected]

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