Lets analyze this fake DMCA –

Idea Buyer LLC

The DMCA was filed by ‘LEO HOST’, an unknown entity who filed a copyright takedown notice on behalf of Ripoff Report.  That’s obviously fake, because we know first hand that Ripoff Report does NOT hire anyone else to file DMCAs for them.

In fact, the more we checked on LEO HOST, the more it became clear that we’re dealing with a rogue reputation firm. Here are some of the other fake DMCAs they filed, along with their beneficiary names –

  1.   Idea Buyer LLC
  2.  Idea Buyer LLC
  3. Fitness Deals USA
  4. Idea Buyer LLC
  5. Davison RIDC Park  (targeting
  6. (WordPress parent company)  (targeting
  7.  Penguin Publishing House  (targeting
  8.  Idea Buyer LLC
  9.  Penguin Publishing House  (targeting
  10.  Davison RIDC Park (targeting

So here’s the story. Apart from another beneficiary (Fitness Deals USA), all other 9 fake DMCAs were in order to help hide all negative reviews against, as well as target their rival

Here are the other fake DMCA details –

Idea Buyer LLC

Idea Buyer LLC

Idea Buyer LLC

Idea Buyer LLC

Idea Buyer LLC

Idea Buyer LLC

Idea Buyer LLC

Idea Buyer LLC

Idea Buyer LLC

Idea Buyer LLC

In all these DMCA notices, the perpetrator misrepresents himself to be filing these legal notices on behalf of legitimate entities, like, Ripoff Report, Pissed This means that the perpetrator not only filed bogus copyright takedown notices, but they committed impersonation and perjury at will.

Here’s the fun part. Idea Buyer LLC has signed up with Ripoff Report and paid them to become a Verified Company under a Corporate Advocacy Program. It costs a lost, it does. Then Idea Buyer LLC simply turns around, impersonates Ripoff Report and files bogus DMCAs in their name.

So as a matter of fairness, and completely using the fair use policy, here are some of the excerpts from all the complaints that Idea Buyer LLC tried to remove –

And for some reason, Idea Buyer LLC does not want to exist. We are trying to get in touch with them to find out more about whats happening.

As for legal actions against Idea Buyer LLC, we will ensure that the media, the relevant complaint websites and all parties involved are informed of what happened. 


A damning review at Ripoff Report, ofcourse. Here’ is what is said, verbatim –

I own a Patent, and Tools that Enhance secondary oil production.

I contacted ERIC CORL, IDEA BUYER on the Internet. He is saturated on the web to buy Patents and Inventions, Ideas etc. Mr. Corl Purchased my Patent last year, and defaulted in May, after one year of Payments.

He owes $1,400,000. I am a Senior and not in great health. He knew this and continued to change payment schedules, tried to change from one year to five? He executed the Docs under his name and Idea Buyer. He shows a great Bio, and information on his website, Newsletters, Business affiliations, website and on the Internet.

He has failed in all that he advertises. Cannot contact him or his associates? This need be a warning to others.….

You can read the entire review at –


In case you are one of the ‘beneficiaries’  listed in this report and are wondering what really happened, we suggest you look within. If it wasn’t you, or your associates, it is definitely the ‘Reputation’ or ‘SEO’ firm you have hired in the past. Perhaps even your law firm. So, instead of blaming us for this article, you must grill your Reputation/SEO firm and look for answers. We are merely publishing the facts available on public database and have nothing against you personally. It is more than likely that the service you hired indulged in criminal methods to deliver results for you.

Meanwhile, we are awaiting more information from and to ascertain who was behind this fake DMCA. We’ll update this page once we have more information. If you have any information to add to this investigation, get in touch with us at [email protected]

Soon after we published the first set of our investigation reports on fake DMCAs, we managed to generate interest from online media such as Techdirt, Adweek and Huffington Post. Some of the key stories included our revelations on Torrence Boone ,, Julia Scelfo and aReputation. We also shared unpublished data and information with 3 different law agencies who looked into this scam.

And we got results. We dented this fake DMCA industry and made sure we act as deterrent to the rogue reputation firms indulged in these criminal practices. Here are some of the outcomes and changes we made possible with the help of several other citizen lawyers and agencies –

Fake Fraudulent DMCA might seem inconspicuous, until its you at the receiving end of this crime. This is not a prank. This is not an inconvenience. This is not random. These fake DMCA cases are calculated criminal schemes targeting very specific and rather important information/content. These hitjobs are usually against media, in order to help their clients hide important information from public’s eye, all in the name of Reputation Management. Millions of dollars are spent doing this, and if no one wants to bring this topic to the fore, we will.

Our team will not constantly monitor and publish these reports on a DAILY basis without fail. And we do not plan to publish and forget. We will take constructive steps in order to expose the faces behind this scam, and to try and undo the damages. AND IF YOU INDEED PART OF THIS SCAM, WE WILL ENSURE THAT YOU GET WHAT’S COMING YOUR WAY. 

This complaint and/or review was posted on on September 12, 2018 and is a permanent record located here: The posting time indicated is Central Standard Time.

Furthermore, has an exclusive license to Idea Buyer LLC investigation. It may not be copied without the written permission of This investigation on Idea Buyer LLC is submitted and written by one of our member. Any and all opinions and information are published as is. We does not edit or remove any aspect of the report and is merely a free-speech platform.

As such, we cannot be held liable for the investigation reports and articles posted about Idea Buyer LLC.



9 Responses to “Idea Buyer – Investigation for Fraud, Impersonation and Perjury – Fake Copyright Takedown Scam”

  • Kevin • Reply

    Is this really true? This is very shocking. I have heard so much about Idea Buyer and Eric, this comes as a huge surprise!! I have gone through the links above and its made me want to do more research on the internet. One of my friends is already dealing with them, i better warn him i think.. Any comments? How true does anyone think the information above is?

  • Mark • Reply

    Please be warned, do not fall for them, if you haven’t already found the bad/ real reviews about this company you should probably do more research, there used to be so much negative stuff on the internet, after reading this article, i am not surprised as to how it all vanished!

    These cons are wanterpreneurs and are not a credible and legitimate business and are set up to seem as if they are interested in your product or patent for investing their money/ money made by fooling people. They try to make their “initial offer” look fancy and sophesticated. However, they DO NOT invest any money into your company, all they invest is their time. The so called “investors” are not even affiliated in the company in any way. These guys are liars and scammers and are not transparent about what they do, do not expect any transparency or legitimacy.

    BE very cautious and careful – these guys most likely record the calls and try to pressure you into accepting their fake terms so you can give up control of your company or give them authority to act on behalf of your company when really all their trying to do is take your company from you.

    VERY VERY shady and try to scam you in every possible way to try and see how capable you are to fight with them legally and sue them if they were to take your product and put go to market without you. They are not really smart in how they operate and are bound to get legally punished someday. They offer to provide services worth of tens-thousands of dollars when in reality they have no proof of anything. Be warned- if you already had any interaction with them or sent them any information, be ready to face something fishy and shady.

  • Justin • Reply

    I have been writing this on a lot of platforms and i think this is the best way to go about it, ANY ONE who has been scammed by Idea Buyer LLC needs to email the Ohio attorney general’s office. I have dealt with them for a very long time and i never got a resolution, all i got was big talk and pretentious customer support. I had contact the Ohio Attorney Generals Office who had finally listened to me. I had already spoken to several of Idea Buyers customers and told them to email Gabriel Kriz who is a specialist in the consumer fraud division at the Ohio Attorney Generals Office. You all must email him all evidence! The more who email him, the better chance everyone will get justice! His email is [email protected] or call 614-752-7901 leave a voice mail if no answer or call 1-800-282-0515.

  • logan • Reply

    It seems I had a similar experience as many other. I had hardly sent them any information and was already told they loved my idea and that they will pitch the idea to their team. I asked very simple questions any team would research before going ahead with any idea, and it was apparent they did not do any research into the idea and were just bullshitting. Honestly, I don’t think they pitched the idea at all. Guaranteed if you submit an idea they will “like” it. Once they get your money they win. They have your money and on to the next. Why would they really care if your project works unless it is the next Uber or Google, which lets be honest, it is not. It is all about the number game. Once they get your money, they are on to the next sucker. They already made their profit whether your idea is created or not. I hate to say these things about them because my representative did seem quite cool. He was a really good salesman. But if anyone truly likes your idea they will not ask for money up-front, they will want real equity. It seems they prefer quantity over quality. All I can say is do your research and don’t just jump into anything, especially when it comes to thousands of dollars. There are no short cuts. Building a business takes time and patience. If it sounds too good to be true, it is not and i have learnt that the hard way. Their biggest and probably only strength is that they are amazing at sales and are extremely smooth talkers, so watch out for that and hope you dont get lured into their vicious trap.

  • louis kanan • Reply

    These People should be put in jail. Not only do they scam you out of your money but steal your hopes and dreams. They do not have the desire, intent, or even the capability to do what they say they will. Their letter of intent was never done, far from it, and what was done was childish.

    DO NOT give them any money. Offer a percentage if you must and you will see them ignore you.

  • bruce • Reply

    Idea Buyer is 100% fraud. They sell their experience in the market but in reality do not have and its all bogus. Extremely unprofessional. They will promise you that your product will be in store and on shelves in”about” 6 months and have you to sign a 2 year contract and will promise you the world. As soon as they get your money, you will be strung along with incompetence, inexperience, and immoral unprofessionals who have absolutely no ethics or business sense. If you have been cheated by them, please contact the Ohio Attorney Generals Office through their 800 number online or email them online. Ask that your complaint be kept there, otherwise, it will end up at the BBB. Tell them you have already been to the BBB, or you will waste months with the same results. We all need to unite through the Ohio Attorney Generals Office. Now is the time for action and you chance for your voice to be heard! They have been listening and are helping many others now.

  • Martha Terry • Reply

    How can you endorse these Platforms without checking Past Business Dealings of these people? Specially that of Eric Corl?


    He was never made accountable for unresolved bad business issues/ethics. Here he goes again.

    How are Participants approved for collecting Monies for business startups?

    I am a 75 year old woman in ill health that was scammed, lied to, and misrepresented in a business deal by one of the FOUNDERS of FUNDABLE. Eric Corl. He walked away owing me over a million dollars. All my accusations can be substantiated and i have all evidence. He BREACHED a $1,500.000 PATENT Purchase Contract He Blatantly MISREPRESENTED TECHNOLOGY, even to the DOE Department OF ENERGY He CONFISCATED PATENTED PROPERTY WITHOUT PERMISSION Infringed the Patent as well. I want to stop this from happening to other innocent people. He is using his ability of technology to block any Posts of mine to the sites he is involved with. His association with these businesses brings down the Creditability and Integrity of each.

  • Jonathan • Reply

    Idea has screwed me as well, I invested more than a $100,000 of me and wife retirement act with the promise that they will get our product to market and 10 months later i got a simple logo, a fake market analysis and no to little no contact. Jess Mcpheron is who I was working with so watch out for Idea Buyer guys. Its not at all what it seems and sounds.

  • Whitney • Reply

    i dont understand how is IDEA BUYER is even in existence?! how is the founder eric corl or whatever his name is out swindling people of their money and ideas?! Its extremely surprising and shocking to see them even in business, why havent the authorities taken appropriate action?! i have enough evidence along with a lot many other people i know who also have evidence against them and proving all their illicit, illegal and unprofessional malpractices! We all need to unite and put and end to this scam and scheme to fool people.

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