How it all started

Webactivism investigated a series of highly suspicious court orders, with a questionable (and probably Planted) defendant towing Maanit’s lines in front of an unsuspecting judge.

Read these reports to get up to speed with what happened that irked Maanit so much –

All our efforts to get in touch with the elusive (fake) defendant failed. He is simply not reachable.

Maanit never responded to our communications, giving her a chance to explain the situation. However, we were notified by a member that there are a number of court order requests at Google, attempting to remove our reports from search engines.

Holy Smoke! She’s using the same court orders, attempting to suppress investigation reports on how she suppressed over 2000 URLs using the same court orders? This is getting ridiculous. It’s a good thing that our legal team contacted Google and explained the situation to them.

  • Google is currently re-evaluating all of the ~2000 removed URLs and will hopefully reindex them in their search results within a week.

Maanit's Lame Request to Google

You can view the most recent submissions to Google made by Maanit Zemel, accusing Webactivism to be somehow ‘managed’ by her own Defendant ‘Tanvir’, in order to get around the previous removals –


We won’t be surprised if some day, the defendant, Tanvir, stands in front of a judge in Canada and claims that he owns and has no objection in these articles from being removed. Unbelievable.

At this moment of time, we have no option but to escalate this issue and try and contact at least one, if not both the judges who were deceived by this fake court order scheme. Our representatives will personally visit the courts next week and submit documents to the court clerk with our entire findings.

If we’re proven to be wrong, we will issue an unconditional apology. If not, we hope that such fraud on the court should be taken seriously and a precedent set.


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