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The Limit of The Information We Publish – Let’s look at the situation for a moment, we publish articles and we do it solely based on the information that has been provided by public data and sources, which is most often, limited. It would be impossible to give really detailed and specific information without having more information at hand. The information and opinions that we publish is “as is”.

Our Opinion – Most of the content on the site in reviews or articles that we write is either sourced facts and/or our opinion about whatever subject we are writing about. Believe it or not, we are entitled to have an opinion and share it with readers.

Comments, Questions, and Advice From Others – Other people, unknown to us, may offer advice and suggestions via the website in user-submitted content and the site is simply an interactive computer service when it comes to third-party submitted content. All that advice and information is “as is” and we have nothing to do with it. If you elect to follow it, that is up to you. User content does not reflect our views and we do not assume any responsibility or liability for any user content, questions, comments or forum posts or for any claims, damages, or losses resulting from any use of the Site or the materials contained therein. User-supplied content may be edited or deleted if necessary but that happens only under the rarest of situations.

Please note that once you post a comment or content, it becomes part of the public conversation. Our policy is that we will not remove a user’s content unless they are in violation of our Terms of Service, and we won’t remove them otherwise except in very extreme circumstances. So if you want to say something that you will later regret personally, it is advisable that you use a username and IP address that does not identify you. We cannot simply remove your content because you have a change of heart about making those statements.

We Are Just Trying To Do a Good Thing – If you have an issue or problem with any advice that we’ve given, please post it in the comments for that question. There are always alternative points of view and it is helpful for everybody to discuss them. We am not a debt Gods, although some of us have played one on the television show “Starting Over.” We are fallible as everyone is. Most importantly, advice and options change over time but we just can’t go back and edit all past questions with new information.

What We Don’t Do – We do not provide any services directly to individual consumers through private coaching, consultations or any paid services. We do not sell any products we or others create and we don’t charge for the general help we give others and we do not charge for investigate reports and research we do.

Let’s Talk About All User Submitted Content in General – Once a question, comment, comment form, guest post, or any user or third-party supplied information is published on the site the user remains solely liable and responsible for their submitted content. We make no assurances of the truth, quality, or accuracy of user-supplied content.

This submitted information is not deleted later. If you submitted information and need to make a correction or retraction to a statement you made and submitted, we will gladly publish your error correction, addendum or retraction in conjunction with the original content submitted.

Some submitted user content may be posted by this site as comments on the site if they relate to a question or article already posted.

Reader submitted questions will appear above the answer provided, as submitted.

Bottom line, if you don’t want your content, statement, question or comment to appear on the site, don’t submit it.

Why We Do Not Accept Money to Remove Articles – You might be familiar with some websites that post information only to take it down for the payment of some fee. And on more than one occasion we’ve been approached to remove an article in exchange for a large sum of money. We don’t do that and have never accepted an offer to do so. Please do not approach us with any such offer.

Rather than hold information hostage for money, we invite you to add any statement, clarification, or repair any error in a story that names you, absolutely free. You can do any or all of that, right here.

If you believe that any information we have published is incorrect, we want to know. If you persuade us that we made a mistake or that a situation warrants further treatment, we will revise or update our posting for no charge.

But we are not in the publishing business to acquire hostages. You couldn’t trust us if we took down truthful, accurate information because someone paid us money. Neither our First Amendment rights nor our opinion is for sale.

Why We Do Not Alter Past Stories – We are sometimes asked by people or companies we’ve previously written about to change a past factual story. We don’t do that. If the entity has recognized they needed to alter or address an issue, then removing the past story does not help to reinforce they’ve taken positive steps to better serve consumers. That makes for a much more beneficial and positive story for the entity in question.

If You Are Pissed Off at Us Because of This Site – It is not our intention but sometimes we actually accidentally piss some people off because of something we’ve written on this site. Typically it is companies we’ve written about that don’t like the information we’ve presented and they want us to remove an article, post, or opinion from the eyes of consumers.

It is always our intention to write articles and posts factually and without error. If you feel we got something wrong in our reporting, just let us know in the comments to that post and we’ll gladly review the information again and if we got something factually wrong we’ll gladly correct it. Use this form to report errors.

Being an interactive computer service provider, we are not liable for the content posted by the users of the service. We realize that it might be difficult to understand since the content you do not like appears on our website. But a website that allows users to contribute content cannot possibly verify the accuracy of all its user submissions.

The site is granted by the federal law called the Communications Decency Act or “CDA”, 47 U.S.C. § 230, which says that “No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider.”

But You Got Something Wrong About Me/Us in an Article You Published – We always strive for accuracy but sometimes we may accidentally get something wrong. We are all human. If we did get something wrong it was not intentional or malicious. It was an error. If you spot something we may have accidentally got wrong we encourage you to speak up and use this form to report errors and this form to report typos.

Threatening Us Doesn’t Work – Some people try to intimidate us by threatening lawsuits or sternly worded letters from attorneys in an effort to scare us into removing posts. Those efforts have the opposite effect on us and typically lead us to spend more time further investigating what we originally wrote and publishing a new story about the threat.

But before you start to threaten, if we’ve made an error in a story or you’d like your side of the issue to be heard, please submit the information using this form. Your comment, statement, or correction is welcome.

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