We are flattered !!

Webactivism is a volunteer service. Which means, our writers and members contribute when they can. We all have a day job, a family, and a life. We try and do all we can, with the time and effort we can afford.

  • Based on our investigation reports, nearly a dozen people/companies habe been sued successfully by various platforms who were targeted by these fake DMCAs.
  • Based on our investigation reports, 6 inquires and lawsuits are going on for forged court orders.
  • We know that at least 4 rogue reputation agencies have shut down recently because we’ve destroyed their modus operandi, and also because they would not want to entertain their ‘clients’ for refund since the links are back.
  • Over 1000 removed links are back at Google. We have manage to undo most of the damage done by these fake DMCAs.
  • Based on our reporting to Google, they have successfully flagged over 2000 fake DMCAs and reporting authority and have marked those DMCAs as fradulent –

Webactivism is doing great. Usually, we team up once every 3 months and publish our reports. But recently, it seems that Reputation agencies are getting restless and stroking our massive egos 🙂

We’ve faced

  • Massive DDOS attacks
  • Fake DMCAs targeting Webactivism
  • Fake court orders targeting Webactivism
  • Dozens of free and childish blogs associating us with reputation agencies
  • Endless allegations (that we don’t care about)
  • Funny threats sent to our emails
  • Stupid comments attempting to make fun of us 🙂
  • and finally, a stupid attempt at negative SEO by creating and linking us to spammy blogs. It does NOT work, you pathetic illiterate idiots. 

Seriously, is this the best you can do? You people are pathetic. Negative SEO, Sarcasm, Spamming ? At least be worthy of becoming ad adversary. Like, sue us or something. Hack us. Make us tremble. 

Here’s the deal. STARTING TODAY, WE’RE GOING TO PUBLISH AT LEAST 5 REPORTS DAILY. That includes weekends. At least 150 reports every month. That should cover all the fake DMCAs ever submitted since 2016. We are now working with wordpress.com to access their transparency reports as well. We hope to do the same for Youtube as well. Not only will we publish the beneficiaries of those fake DMCAs, we will ensure that the ‘removed’ content is re-published on at least 4 other free-speech platforms. Streisand effect, anyone ?

So enjoy. We were nearly done with the project, but you annoyed us back to this campaign, and hereafter, we’re not going to stop. Try us !



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