Online Intimidation and Bullying – Reputation firms stoop to a new low

Investigating companies directly or indirectly linked to a fraudulent DMCA has it’s own perks. We hurt the very same reputation of these people/companies which is the basis of an ever-growing unethical brand of Reputation Management Industry.  And we know it’s not always wise to go against a group of people who have no ethics or morals and whose livelihood depends on fixing other people’s reputation.

If they can giveth reputation, then they can taketh away

Since week 1, we’ve been subjected to some vile and angry mails, threats, offers, pleas. When we didn’t respond kindly, a bounty was put on our heads and a reward set out to identify the group behind . We even have our own ‘hate site’ set up at 🙂

We understand that angry disgruntled and some very dangerous people might want to identify us. Fair enough, we did it to them, so why not? As a matter of transparency, here are some (not all) of the names of individual and groups they accused us to be –

The above listed individuals were (and are being) smeared by these desperate criminals facing multiple lawsuits and other legal consequences of their action. All in order to put pressure on us to shut down our campaign. If anyone in the above list has been inconvenienced because of this, please know it’s not because of us. If you are being targeted by these criminals and their associates, we play no role in it. We have no idea why your names cropped up, but there is little we can do to prevent them.

Check out some of the dozens of threat emails we received  in retaliation for our fake DMCA investigations –

Accusing us of being Joe Martin, an anti-Scientology activist we support


Confirmation that the threat is from a Reputation Firm


Random anonymous threat. TBF, we were not holding back


Our very own hate site 🙂 . Such a proud day.


Threat that they’re ‘watching’ over one of the individuals names above. Looks like a bluff.


Now we’re sure it’s a bluff


A random threat. We received over 5 threats that day.


Mocking the website, but concerned over our next set of investigation to go online.


Wasting everybody’s time.


Personal smear campaign against someone they think is behind Webactivism


Serious threat. Well, not so much.


Ooh, an extortion ? That, we didn’t expect.


Followed up by a threat of personal attack on someone related to one of the names above.


Concerned parent, someone who’s they think runs Webactivism


The first step towards setting a deterrent against fake DMCA was achieved when we successfully filed over 100 counter-notices with Google. We should see the results soon.

And has had enough and gone to the court to sue the people behind this scam. Read more here –

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    Dear annoynmous,
    that 11.11 shopping website such as, taobao & poisoning the youth of world. i suggests the shopping website should be hacked by you until the buyers will lost their trust to singles day shopping activity.


    […] and lots of fun to try and shut us down. They started by issuing random threats to everyone they ‘thought’ was related to Then in December 2016, we […]