Patrick Dibre & his illegal insurance scheme

Patrick Dibre is epitome of insensitivity and those who support him & his fake and fraud schemes are complicit in his scam.

Who is Patrick Dibre? The man who ditched his customers, ditched his employees, forged documents in the AG office, ran an illegal insurance scheme and roams like a white-collar guy with nothing to lose.

When I joined Nissan Dealership I had no idea what I am getting in to. I was given a product to sell – “Credit Forget It”, Now all salesmen were asked to conduct business on a ‘net price’, but the actual price after adding ‘Hidden Features’ & ‘Taxes’ somehow was almost 15% more & the customers were NEVER informed. They were mislead, deliberately and the staff had to bear the brunt of their anger. Not to mention, the damage done to the brand.  Say if you are quoted a take home price of 16000$ by the sales guy,  you actually end up paying around 20000$, around 20% more. Completely illegal and unethical.

Nissan Dealership was being dragged into this mess, but Patrick Dibre did not care. He put the credibility of their sales employees at stake. He did not even spare his General Manager. Ironically, while the whole matter was being investigated, Patrick with the help of his partner in crime Denise Loniewski forged the documents submitted to the Attorney General and successfully covered up thousand of cases and files.

I, on behalf of all of my fellow sales employees, have some questions for the AG. Was the investigation done properly? How can they let him go so easily, its not just about fooling thousands of people but also using us for fooling people illegally. Why were we always kept in the dark? Not a single employee knew that they were being ‘mis-used’ for selling a completely illegal and a fraud insurance product for which they could have been held accountable. Would Patrick have ever come back and defenedd any of his employee if they got into trouble over this ?? O’ HELL NO, HE IS AN ARROGANT AND A GREEDY MAN WHO HARDLY CARES ABOUT ANYONE HE KNEW OR WORKED WITH.

Now let me expose Mr. Patrick Dibre and how he used to fool his customers –

  1. You could be charged just double or triple of what they claim on their website for their so called ‘Extended Warranty’. The website claims they give it for 800$ but while you sign the agreement it would say 1800$. NEVER EVER SIGN IT BEFORE DOUBLE CHECKING IT
  2. So you bought a vehicle from Patrick Dibre and feel assured because it has been a while without any problem? Hold on, There have been many cases where people were asked for ‘unexplained’ 2000$ after eight months of the purchase via recovery agents, they would threatened you with a bad credit score mark if you don’t make the payment.
  3. ‘Cancellation? Forget It’. If for any reason you want to cancel the subscription, do not forget to take a signed copy of the cancellation. Because they will always provide you an e-copy. Next thing you know, you are billed again (and again) for the subscription you thought you canceled, because there is no paper-trail to prove that you ever did.
  4. They will always lie about the APR and credit score
  5. If your credit score is less, they will trap you by selling you some other model and tell you they will eventually upgrade you to the vehicle you always wanted. NEVER GONNA HAPPEN
  6. Bumper extended warranty will be sold to you, with or without permission
  7. Never fall for ‘Electronic Copy’ BS in the future deals, Always take a signed hard copy so that you are legally eligible to file any case
  8. If you are going to meet any dealer in the future always make sure and take a document which says the final amount with no hidden costs in it.
  9. Always check your credit card details on monthly basis and contact your bank immediately if you find any unexplained amount  deducted from your account. Send them an official mail asking for the clarification
  10. There are many frauds like Patrick Dibre and Denise Loniewski who wait for you to commit a single mistake or sign any document with ‘Unexplained Clause’ so that they could legally take your money and run away.

There could be thousands of cases and files which were never shown to the AG by Patrick Dibre deliberately. His PR team worked day and night to ensure none of this got out on the internet and the media. They handed over a mere 400 cases to the AG. We have thousands of people who have posted their complaints on consumer website and social media. 400 doesn’t make sense. What happened to the rest ?

I would like to apologize to every client who got into this mess because of me. Believe it or not, none of us had any idea about what’s going on. Can’t go back and make things right but at least I can expose his hypocrisy and educate people that how frauds like Patrick Dibre trap people and enjoy on their hard earned money.

I Challenge Patrick Dibre to bring all the files on the table and then Attorney General should do a fair inquiry. I urge all the people out there who were forged by this conman to come together and start a pledge. Lets give this bastard and mastermind criminal the treatment he deserves by sending him behind bars. To start with let’s start a petition and compile all the complaints with file number and other necessary details so that it could be brought under the notice of the attorney general and other authorities.

If needed I am ready to give at least 100 cases myself to start with, I am sure that the actual number is 10 times of what they presented to the AG. Challenge accepted ?

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    I worked for a Patrick Dibre dealership for 3 years. I know exactly what you’re talking about. Not to mention the harassment and retaliation he allowed to go on at his dealership.