When it comes to scams and deceiving people, no one can hold a candle to Qnet.  Formerly known as QuestNet, GoldQuest, and QI Limited, is a Hong Kong-based multi-level marketing (MLM) company owned by the QI Group. Qnet been charged with serious fraud and multi level marketing in countries such as India.

In case you were not aware, these articles might help you gain an insight into this multi-level marketing scam –

QNet: “It is a chain where a person is fooled and then he is trained to fool others to earn money” says Bombay HC order

The Bombay High Court while rejecting anticipatory bail applications of five accused in the multi-crore QNet scam continues –

“The motto of the company ‘sell more, earn more’ appears very attractive and innocuous. However, this motto is fully camouflaged. The company stands on a basic statement that people can be fooled. Thus, the true motto is ‘sell more earn more’ by fooling people. In fact it is a chain where a person is fooled and then he is trained to fool others to earn money. For that purpose, workshops are conducted where study and business material is provided with a jugglery of words, promises and dreams. Thus, the deceit and fraud is camouflaged under the name of e-­marketing and business.”

Ever since this MLM scam blew open in India since 2013, numerous agencies have covered the case. There have been several arrests and legal action. However, the kingpins have remained in exile, evading arrests and legal consequences. These are some notable actors in this scam, and major incidents related to Qnet Scam –

  1. Vijay Eswaran – Prime suspect in Qnet scam in India – currently residing in Malaysia and evading arrest in India. Official WebsiteWikipedia –  scamming people under a new name – QI Group. This shameless guy was the founder of QNet India and responsible for most of the woes suffered by Indian victims.
  2. Ramya Chandrasekaran  – linkedinFacebook – Former head of communications for Qnet and figurehead in this fake DMCA scandal. Currently residing in USA and will soon be under investigation for her role in perjury and fraud.
  3. Pathman SenathirajahOfficial ProfileFacebook – Chief promoter of Qnet in India – Wanted by the police, evading arrest.

However, let us now focus on what they did, and why did we investigated Qnet in the first place. After reading the above, it is no surprise that there has been a lot of (negative) coverage on Qnet and their multiple scams. News articles around arrests, police investigation, court proceedings and consumer outrage has severely damaged Qnet’s reputation, which limits their ability to operate globally and continue with their scams overseas.

So what would a criminal enterprise do to silence its critics ? Ofcourse, COMMIT ANOTHER CRIME.  This time though, they and their associates went berserk with fake DMCAs and forged court orders. We have reported on fake DMCAs before. But never have we reported a single company for over 4 dozen fake DMCAs and court orders. OVER 50… That’s some serious attempt to clean up Google.

So let’s examine the fake DMCAs filed by Qnet’s PR team –

1 1522881326 Oct 2017 by Money Lifehttp://www.abinet.org/wanted-qnet-fraud-director-takes-selfie-with-actor-rajnikant
214877399August 18, 2017 by Money Lifehttps://mlmonline.in/qnet-eow-arrests-v-elite-leaders-sandeep-kalra-and-hitesh-miglani/
315559125December 13, 2017 By Smriti Khuranahttp://www.moneylife.in/article/qnet-eow-arrests-v-elite-leaders-sandeep-kalra-and-hitesh-miglani/40738/63165.html
415356656November 13, 2017 by MoneyLifehttp://www.moneylife.in/article/qnet-eow-arrests-v-elite-leaders-sandeep-kalra-and-hitesh-miglani/40738.html
512266676May 17, 2016 by Aakshi Bhatiahttp://networkingeye.com/2015/01/three-qnet-representatives-arrested-in-mumbai/
62049283Extra News Pvt. Ltd on behalf of Adam Smithhttp://dirtytopic.bugs3.com/2012/04/actors-son-to-be-summoned-in-qnet-scam-ferreira-clarifies/
712227673May 12, 2016 by Gourang Kathuriahttp://donalcbh.blogspot.in/2015/06/fakta-qnet-penipuan.html
812469438June 16, 2016 by Qnet Newshttp://mulutburung.blogspot.co.id/2014/12/sebelum-join-qnet-baca-ini.html
91119282News Wine Pvt. Ltd on behalf of Surnen Desaihttp://qnetscam-fraud.blogspot.in/2012/02/report-on-fraud-scheme-operated-by-qnet.html
1010152211Extra News Pvt Ltd on behalf of Adam Smithhttp://dirtytopic.bugs3.com/2012/04/actors-son-to-be-summoned-in-qnet-scam-ferreira-clarifies/
1112227183May 11, 2016 by Gourang Kathuriahttp://saynotoqnet.blogspot.in/2012/05/fakta-qnet-penipuan.html
12 1902506 News Wine Pvt Ltd on behalf of Surnen Desaihttp://qnetscam-fraud.blogspot.in/2012/02/report-on-fraud-scheme-operated-by-qnet.html
13 12105859 April 18, 2016 by Shekhar Kashalikarhttp://qnetscam-fraud.blogspot.in/
14 12616233 July 09, 2016 by New generation Newshttp://indianexpress.com/article/cities/mumbai/qnet-scam-mumbai-residents-protest-outside-michael-ferreiras-house/
15 12726317 July 27, 2016 by The World News Hour Pvt. ltd.http://www.deccanchronicle.com/nation/crime/240616/hyderabad-many-lose-lakhs-to-qnet-scam.html
1612036390April 04, 2016 by Gourang Kathuriahttp://fakta-qnet.blogspot.in/2013/04/puluhan-orang-merasatertipu-menyerbu.html
171853615Qnet Kyun on behalf of Sanjeev Singhhttp://qnetkyun.96.lt/uncategorized/qi-group-and-dato-vijay-eswaran/
1812737653July 28, 2016 by Sakeel Ahmadhttps://vimeo.com/46562110
19 14277319April 28, 2017 by Johan Andersanhttp://stopqnet.livejournal.com/41767.html
20 14376339 May 18, 2017 by QNET http://www.moneylife.in/article/qnet-ldquoit-is-a-chain-where-a-person-is-fooled-and-then-he-is-trained-to-fool-others-to-earn-moneyrdquo-says-bombay-hc%20order/46857.html

The above are just a few examples of fraud, perjury and impersonation by Qnet and their associates, in order to hide negative news stories and general outrage against them. The reason ? Qnet and their sister companies are looking to secure bank loan and investment, and a regular background check by authorities might screw their ambitions. They have been on a war-footing to raise funds in South East Asia, Russia and Europe and can go to any lengths to mitigate the damage done online. Even if it means fake DMCAs, forged court orders and dozens of new crime committed by their PR team.

At this time, we;re asking questions. We’ll be contacting them for an explanation into the fake DMCAs and court orders. Our second step would be to ensure that any and all content removed using illegal methods are republished, with Google ranks restored. We will then contact the victims of these fake DMCA notices to investigate each individual infringement and publish about them. Finally, we’ll contact all the banks and investors and send them a copy of our detailed investigation into each and every DMCA filed, and alert them of Qnet’s intention.

Lastly, we’re going to market this story extensively. We welcome the victims of Qnet to start commenting on this story, as well as share their grievance on Webactivism.com. We have secured QnetFraud.com from a victim of Qnet scam in India, and will be developing it as a one-stop platform for victims of Qnet to publish on.

We have declared WAR on Qnet, and this is just the beginning.


Today, on the 5th of May 2018, , we received an email from [email protected] asking our help to spread the word about a Victim’s Platform against Qnet.

If you are a victim of Qnet Scam, or are planning to invest your money into this ponzi scheme, we strongly suggest that you visit WWW.QNET.ORG to get all the facts and stories.

We wish this group the very best of luck in their fight against organised fraud. Webactivism and all its members are here to help you in your mission.

35 Responses to “Qnet – Investigation into their scams, fraud and fraudulent attempts to cover their tracks”

  • P Singh • Reply

    ????There are different perceptions about the industry, Network marketing is a legitimate business model.
    ????Take advice from people who are working in the industry not from people who don’t have experience of it.
    ???? Franchise model v/s NM model, few decades ago there were doubts about franchise model but today it is all accepted here.
    ????In comparison to Franchise model our business is much better because Seed capital, working capital, risk is very low.
    ????Break even happens immediately.
    ????Our industry need more control and regularizations.
    ????Good thing is Qnet provides best opportunity for the same.
    ????In India there is huge growth prospect.
    ????Our company have best tie ups with world class partnerships.

    We follow most beautiful and amazing compensation plan and do our business ethically.
    The unemployment problem of the world can only be solved via Network Marketing.

  • Kaustav basu • Reply

    This is rubbish and bullshit.please do not fall for this maligned motivated campaign of these losers. These are people who will never help anyone nor will let anyone help anyone..QNET is a genuine network marketing company.QI group is a global growth company in world economic forum…Dont believe this people . Please check sites with credence for doing your research

  • Kaustav basu • Reply

    Please report these group of people for maligning a reputed company. I am proof of QNET.I am QNET… A common man whose hand QNET held with all love and care

  • Kumar shaketh • Reply

    That’s good you are earning through qnet… fine how may of your DRs are earning?? Have you ever look at each ur downlines? But being on top u enjoy those uvs generated by your downlines…. it’s fact to earn money back its compulsory to fool others… but ur just eating the brokerage by so many innocent ppl. It some one in chain start opposing you guys… your humble dumble everything comesout.. but only few can do it honestly… I appreciate… those only…

  • Jay Patel • Reply

    I was registered with this company in 2008 by one of my relative . In starting they motivates you about your love ur dreams and then it all comes to just selling . In our meeting they told that you will maxout when u get some amount of downline you will earn daily 1.13 lack 3.8crore yearly approx for life time . We has been told our super upline leader Hitesh Patel from mumbai has been MAXOUT means daily 1lack for lifetime . A few year later I heard he did not receive any kind of money rather then commission . There was no authentic proof in any document in qnet meeting that any person is maxout or getting 4crore yearly . But in all meeting they marketing this stratergy . I know because I was the one who makes this material of ppt .

    See legal framework of company is transparent as per my point of view but what they are training the persons who joins is totally fake . They dont even show any terms and conditions what will be after maxout

  • Nitesh Kumar rajput • Reply

    Qnet is totally fraud company. I am one the victim of this fraud. People are very crural they cheat innocent people who are are very close to them. They take advantage of trust.
    They all are big mother fucker.

  • Vivek P • Reply

    Qnet is scam MLM where people are taught how to use trust in friends, family & relationship to fool people. Instead of selling product they only focus to make more members by giving wrong information.
    These Qnet IR approched you with business opportunity but will boy give you detail information. Will ask to give money on their trust. For that they go any level, asked person to take personal loan, from market on higher interest, credit card use.
    Without giving information they will create your account on Qnet portal, many times will give wrong contact information so that company customer care not able to reach you for product confirmation. Till the time you come to know company, product refund policy will be over and you won’t get your money back through cancellation of IRship & product. I have seen that
    Many times Qnet IR transferred old victim’s product to new victim’s account or uses icoupon of old victim into new victims account and ate whole money of new victim.
    Another thing is that Qnet is doing kind of money laundering. They sell cheap product’s at sky high rate. Like travel package, Qnet Club membership, watched etc.
    Please be aware guys from this fraud company and save ur friends, family ppl & collegue. Also it will save ur country too.

  • Aryan • Reply

    Fraud company..
    Please don’t believe in qnet..it’s a scam…fooling n brainwashing innocent people.
    Please beware of this…and aware your friends n family about this..

  • Vinodh • Reply

    Don’t believe your friends who was doing business..
    Because definitely they doing MLM business..
    Nowadays scam qnet makes many fraud members in India. Sometimes your (fraud)friends also doing that (f***)MLM business.

    So guys pls be careful from ur friends

  • Prashant Mehta • Reply

    A group of cowards who says they are doing business but instead they are looting innocent people’s hard earned money by various tactics.
    A total cheat and fraud game conducted by Qnet and their group of fraudsters and liars will not only loot your money but will also ruin your relations with friends and relatives.


  • Prashant Mehta • Reply

    A group of cowards says they are doing business but instead they are looting innocent people’s hard earned money and not only that they just ruin your relations with friends and family members.

    QNET is total scam conducted by group of fraudsters and liars.


  • deboratty v • Reply

    It is totally scam that how to fool innocent people in smart way even though these fraudsters will not tell you the name of company till you made investment and you being an innocent fall in trap and loose your hard earn money in lacs in just one moment in future how it is to be recovered or not that god knows.
    So guys its request dont give weightage to any of ur best friend phone call or invitation for meeting in ccd or mall that he has some senior position for u in his business and dont loose opportunity
    Its all fake fraud cheating
    All your hard earn money goes into their pocket and with ur money they visit malaysia bangkok dubai for their chutia conference
    Pls pls pls be aware from this business and i m telling you the name of company its Qnet dont be trapped
    Thank you

  • Arshad shaikh • Reply

    Qnet is totally money laundering and a big scam they do brain wash and fool to ppl for investment in lacs and give the worst product like watches,holiday packages which is useless. ….qnet ppl mostly living malls cafe shop with 5 6 ppl group ….If any ur close friends relatives showing big dream like that pls don’t trust them….already lot of ppl lost their hard money. Qnet ppl paise ke liye kuch bhi karte hai….It is the chain….I want to save everyone innocent ppl in 2018….22/01/18

  • Ravi • Reply

    This is a business model which is very effective in Indian market..

    Why? Because Indians are emotional fools and Indians love seeking short cuts to make money quickly..

    Hence this model is successful in duping people of their hard earned money.. Everything against QNet is available online if someone doesn’t do a simple google search before investing lakhs of rupees in these Ponzi schemes then I don’t feel sorry for them for losing their money..

    I have seen people live a lavish life due to QNet and I have seen people lose everything because of QNet. ULTIMATELY it’s a scam which is going on and government/judiciary needs to ban it ASAP like it’s banned in many other countries.

    But hey it’s india no one gives a crap if people are getting duped…

  • ekta chanda • Reply

    It will be surprise to you after reading the truth Your friend Navin is doing a business if he call you for any business opportunity I have experience of his business this is a true experience what he has done with us..So please be aware of these frauds before investing with him The person who get me in this fraud Business was my Best Friend His name is NAVIN VASHISTHAV he stays in Mira Road he was working with Reliance Retails and he Make CHUTIYA to Innocent People an take money same thing happens to me HE WORK WITH QNETreally a BIG SCAM COMPANY (Qnet India Vihaan Direct Selling Pvt Ltd)
    if he call you for any business opportunity plz call me first to know abt this business boz . … Never ever indulge into this fraud… I was one who is suffering with this…i trust him an start but later I came to know it’s a Chain Business where they are trained to make people fool …by showing irrelevant facts and useless product they will sure you but don’t get trap as they want money out of your pocket and later they will simply take a walk f you doesn’t succeed please don’t invest or u would say waste your hard earned money This is a true
    experience. Until you agree them and do as they directed they will speak in favor with you. Once you are against they will show their true color…beware so please aware of these frauds

    imp:- Plzz beware they have Script when they call people to come an invest where poor people get convince to get into it… script is

  • manish • Reply

    if IR is confirmed once can he get the money back?

  • P Kumar • Reply

    I was also the victims of QNET, I request you not to join and there are the experts ” SHYAM” : +919160062404 Who worked for Genpact as an Manager and also a person by name “Joel Jaideep” he was also worked in Genpact as manager in HYDERABAD, I request you guys please avoid there calls they might cheat you anyway…



    To those morons,
    this is my questions to all people who involved in qnet and Blindly following below mention people who absconded from India and acting as ICONS are SACHIN GUPTA, KAVITA SAUGANDH, SHARFUN SHEIKH, DEV WADHWANI PATHMAN,AND ABOVE ALL FATASS DATO, ask them that if they are doing business ethically and legally then why lookout circular, arrest warrant issue by Hon’ble Indian court, appropriate authority and Interpol. and carrying out business in legally then they should surrender before Indian courts and resolve this issue?
    Let me tell you some facts about QNET,
    1)in below link see QNet founder Vijay Eswaran, Eswaran has denied any involvement with vihan direct selling, who is feeding money to his packets.
    2) When India CEO Suresh Thimiri denies relations with the company -MoneyLife
    3) On below mention you tube channel DATO give reply about bad publicity that “let the dogs bark” https://youtu.be/YZVLGgl6Vtc
    i would like to ask him that how dare you to called peoples who lost money and Hon’ble courts and appropriate government authorities who are opposing your business model as a dogs. while motivating his agents on your you tube channel you talking about ethics and entrepreneurship is using such a words is the part of your ethics? Calling everybody barking dogs you supposed YOURSELF as a lion? you come to India and resolve that reports and cases are going in Hon’ble court which i mention below with link as source and deny any connection with vihaan direct selling company which is giving you money earned by this business, is it truthfulness or ethical?
    4) WRIT PETITION NO.19402 OF 2013 (T-TAR) filed before Hon’ble KARNATAKA high court by customs department transview enterprises import chi pendent as artificial jewellery and sold at 50000 INR. Hon’ble judge passed order to detained that goods because importers given false information about products which are meant for QNET and made in Germany.
    5) Letter HON’BLE BOMBAY HIGH COURT in bail plea NO. 360 give opportunities to defend themselves and send BIODISK to BHABHA ATOMIC RESEARCH INSTITUTE for confirming the claims about biodisk properties and concluded that it is only piece of plastic, then found business model as completely scam.
    6) When the whole QNET SCAM exposed then QNET found no way out, to protect themselves against strict legal action QNET accept the all charges that biodisk actually have cost of only 110 INR. also accepted that all wrongdoing made to evade tax duetys, and for to fooling peoples by doing scam see https://www.google.co.in/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.moneylife.in/article/qnet-settlesrsquo-violations-and-misreporting-when-caught-to-keep-the-scam-running/46928.html&ved=0ahUKEwiV4_60gufXAhVFOI8KHffXDGQQFggpMAI&usg=AOvVaw0waL98AKq25NQijj47xDQI
    after reading my comment on Face book Mr. sachin Gupta marked my comment as spam By blocking my comment can you change the truth, or may I conclude that the rolls Royce that Mr. sachin Gupta posing on Face book purchased by looting gullible victims, his foreign trip done by looted moneys”
    watch your contract with company there’s stated that if something goes wrong only ir will be responsible for it not company, and company lawyer argued that major complaints are against irs not company, if something goes wrong you will be on your own,please don’t think that Sachin gupta, kavita saugandh, sharfun shaikh, dev wadhwani enjoying money earned by their hardwork they settled abroad to hide, saving themselves to getting arrested and above all to evade taxes which is the right of Indian government, in v-con video their is nowhere name of company because this business is banned in Saudi Arabia, and your up line direct the new irs by get apply for tourists visa not business visa if you tell to authority you are there for business engage with company you will caught by Dubai authority known for strict rules and laws and imprisonment
    Above all how shameless you are? Yourself declared god addressing your fellow countrymen as dogs and despite of that you work with him only for 10 % of commission and laundering to abroad for hiding and enjoying lavish lifestyle.
    QNet, the controversial Hong Kong-based multi-level marketing (MLM) company, has been trying hard to get support from its peers, but with no success. While a few powerful members are not allowing QNet’s entry into the Indian Direct Selling Association (IDSA), its franchisee Vihaan Direct Selling (India) Pvt Ltd’s application too has been rejected by the other association, Federation of Direct Selling Association (FDSA)
    FDSA has rejected membership application of Vihaan Direct Selling (India) Pvt Ltd. Michael Ferreira, former world billiards champion, owns 80% stake in Vihaan, while the rest is owned by Malcolm Desai. Both Ferreira and Desai, along with Vihaan’s directors, Magaral Balaji and Srinivas Vanka, were arrested by police in October in the multi-crore QNet scam.
    While rejecting Vihaan’s membership application, FDSA said, “The Federation is repeatedly being approached by Economic Offences Wing (EOW) of Mumbai Police seeking various information regarding the company (Vihaan). The (Scrutiny) Committee feels it has collected the information about the pending court cases and is serious on the sub-judice status of the company. The Committee feels that the sub-judice status of the company (Vihaan) will jeopardise the faith of the government/ industry bodies in the Federation, hence recommends that the company need to come out clean before being considered by the Federation.”
    Srinivas Vanka (V Srinivas Rao), the operations head of Vihaan, has been trying hard to get membership of FDSA. He met and tried to convince FDSA officials several times. In the letter, the FDSA says, “…during the personal meeting at Hyderabad, we have received your logics (sic) and justification on your defence over what is happening in the field. You may be right at your end, but what image you carry is more important, which is created by the activities seen at ground level.”
    The FDSA, in the letter dated 17 April 2016 also says Vihaan is in the recruitment business rather than retailing, allowing an independent representative (IR) to open as many as 21 business centres under one ID. The letter says, “…the company revenue proportion of ID activation sales and retailing sales, clearly indicates that new recruitments is the only business in focus, not retailing.”
    FDSA says that according to its code of conduct, products from members should be reasonably priced, have optimum utility and be re-saleable. “Your (Vihaan’s) core product, the holiday voucher is one such product, which is not falling in line with our FDSA norms. The magnetic pendent is another product falling in grey area, which has notional value
    The rejection letter from FDSA also raises questions on refund and indiscipline in Vihaan, citing complaints it received from people who claim they have been dragged into QNet. FDSA says, “At ground level, it is a common practice that the IRs put soft pressure on a prospect for depositing couple of lakh rupees in the company. If the prospect is not having the funds, a personal loan is processed in no time under some arrangement with the branch manager of the bank. This is a case of lawlessness amongst the IRs and poor control of the company on them. You cannot do away this fact by classifying this as an act of unsatisfied people. The Committee considers this as no less than disguised money circulation and gross indiscipline in the industry.”
    FDSA also reveals how its director V Srinivas Rao also misled the courts of law across the country. He had repeatedly stated in his submissions before the courts that he had resigned as director from Vihaan in August-September 2014 and thus had no links to the QNet franchisee thereafter. However, the application submitted to FDSA is dated 16 December 2015 and mentions V Srinivas Rao as head of operations of Vihaan.
    #financialterrorism #qnet #moneychain #qnetscam #directselling #qnetscamkerala
    #qnetindia #youth #scam #hyderabad #kerala #ernakulam #fraud #moneylaundering #colleges

  • Sk • Reply

    Wow Qnet, awesome it’s the bestest thing I am doing in my life. My dreams are coming true fast and thick.
    All bullshit these are the words used by these frauds to attract the innocent people. They are cunning bastards play with your emotions. On the name of trust and believe they take your hard earned money and give you a shit travel package.
    They ask you not to change your password so that they can easily transfer money from your portal with ease using some e cards.
    These qnet bastards keep you so much busy for at least one month, so that you won’t able to apply for refund of money.
    This Qnet is operating on mlm and pyramid scheam.

    Pls stay away from these frauds. They can be your friend, colouge or family members. They are brainwashed to cheat people.
    Stay away from Qnet and it’s IR’s.

  • Prince • Reply

    Hi . I am also one of the victim of QNET . I can’t eve imagine that this business is running in our country and our government also have taken their side it’s on QNET fraud. It’s a big question on authenticity of our government why they are supporting such activities which are based on lie and making fool of people.

    One of my friend Sheet Al Kashyap trapped me in this dirty business which is totally based on Making fool of people , I asked her 100 times and she said it’s not a marketing business. You don’t have to chase people . First of all it’s not a business. And they asked you have to do investment. It’s simply selling of products to you. Even I didn’t knew that I have purchased something. And they are investigating inthe products which gives them more commission.

    Sheetal Kashyap operates from Gurgaon and Delhi. She asked for 305000 from me and transacted only 250000 and rest of the money she doesn’t even return to me .

    On the base of friendships she eaten up my money. They people are brainwashed by their trainers , they see only money at the first place. They don’t care whether you are rich or poor they just want money from you.

    So the government should do something for this they should stop these practice is sometimes I doubt why crime and frauds are entertained by government. Specially these days.

    Good going I am with you guys please share it as much as to create awareness

  • Bhushan • Reply

    One of my friend offered me business partnership. I asked him aboit idea he didn’t told me anything he just set my meeting with his senior ashok. Even he didn’t know his full name where he stays. These guys are so clever they try to create such surroundings so that person get easily trapped in it. They set meetings in rich hotels. Then in meet they try to convince u for corporate workers are donkey workers. Through business u can achieve ur dreams. Then they tells to apply for loan. And ask for 4lac to 10lac investment. Then they eat your hard earned money. Please dont get trapped into this. Its is big scam. And true ones push u towards this drea maze from where u cant return.

  • Surajit Chowdhury • Reply

    I am also a victim of qnet fraud.An asshole named Sailesh Ojha (working in Ford)cheated me with 6.5 lakhs rupees along with group of asshole.Currently they have made a big market in Chennai perungudi.

  • Munendra • Reply

    Qnet is very well platfrom for
    Bright future and diffent other networkmarketing this platefrom every one possible if do work acife our dreams

  • Ekta chanda • Reply

    A group of cowards who says they are doing business but instead they are looting innocent people’s hard earned money by various tactics.
    A total cheat and fraud game conducted by Qnet and their group of fraudsters and liars will not only loot your money but will also ruin your relations with friends and relatives.
    Fiancial terrorist they are bloody bastards qnet people

    Vijay eswaran Sachin gupta kavita sugandh MC saalay kutay k bacchay
    They shud be hang to death

  • Mazi • Reply

    What is the biggest common mistake in network marketing that affects the reputation of the industry?

    The biggest mistake, in my opinion, is having the wrong expectation. I don’t know if there is a better word for that, so let me explain it. People sometimes get into our business with all kinds of wrong expectations, and when they have these wrong expectations, they approach the business the wrong way. They don’t put in the effort that is required, and when they don’t put in the right kind of effort, they obviously don’t get the right results. And soon they give up. People who enter with the wrong expectations end up quitting almost within a few days; that is the biggest problem in our business.

    When you look at network marketing, one major complaint up there is that there are only a few people who become successful in it. Whether that may be true, the nature of the business makes success dependent on what we do and don’t do. When people enter the business, they think it is some kind of get-rich-quick scheme, or that their upline is going to work for them, or that they just need to bring in a few people to make them rich overnight. All these are wrong expectations, and shows that they really don’t understand what they’re getting into.

    For us to become successful in anything, we need to really understand what we’re getting into. If you’re getting a law degree and you don’t know what it takes to get that, chances are within a few months, you’re going to quit. The people who complain about college are the same. Likewise, we need to understand that what we’re getting into is a business. While there are different people here to help us with training and various other tools, it is a business, and it takes business-like focus, business-like dedication, business-like effort to become successful.

  • Vikrant • Reply

    Yes.I agree. Qnet is totally money laundering and a big scam they do brain wash and fool to ppl for investment in lacs and give the worst product like watches,holiday packages which is useless. ….qnet ppl mostly living malls cafe shop with 5 6 ppl group ….If any ur close friends relatives showing big dream like that pls don’t trust them….already lot of ppl lost their hard money. Qnet ppl paise ke liye kuch bhi karte hai….It is the chain….

  • Mohit • Reply

    Trust Me. All that I am writing is with experience.
    I was called by a person whom I had hardly met few times. He said he is looking for a partner to do the business and it is not full time, you can do your work and do this business and you have outstanding earning in this business. After I said, I am okay to join the business. He said his boss is in Dubai and will be coming in few days and said will arrange for a meeting. On the day of meeting, calls and messages few inspiring things like “your life is going to change” and shit.
    Had the meeting with this so called Boss, He tells every possible shit so that you can believe (saddest thing is you are not allowed to ask any question), he takes sometime to brainwash you completely, if still if you are not convinced, he calls few others who will be sitting in the next tables and show few other frauds(like minded ppl) so that you will be completed brainwashed and tells there are only 2 vacancies for this position and need to do the registration immediately, I said okay and gave the credit card. Booom. Registration done for 30k.
    Took loan to pay the remaining 3 lakhs. Till that time they will track you every hour.
    After completed the payment. Meetings in Coffee Days, Cafe, Parks, Pubs, Hotels etc. After every single meeting, one thing I understood is to get 2 ppl for business and your commission will start flowing. Damn, this is marketing, what to tell for those 2 ppl ?? Exactly the same thing what your upline or the person who introduced you to this business told. So then realised, I got cheated, because I was not told to get two ppl to the business (which is by far the most irritating/cheating thing to do after knowing that you are cheated). Now no other way to go, your money is gone, and you have to compulsorily get 2 ppl to start your business.

    After many sleepless nights, clearly did some research how to come out of this scam. And yes, I came out of the business and got back all the money that was taken away from me. With the same money, I was able to build my life for the betterment for my family and contribute to the society.
    No regrets for the whole life as I did not end up cheating any one for my selfish needs and money.

  • Vishal • Reply

    Was approached by an old acquaintance by the name of Rahul Pandey in Mumbai. He, apparently is the proprietor of Nera Diamonds. I’m not even sure if the company exists or not. He and his wife, Neha are both, involved in duping old friends and acquaintances. The problem is, they exploit trust. Exploited me too. I was always hesitant to join QNet but if you can’t trust a friend, who DO you trust? Luckily, I figure out their modus operandi after I attended a couple of events and training sessions.

    The events were just mass-marketing, designed well to fool “prospects”. Long standing up lines would be called to give pathetic speeches that reeked of false opulence. Every time they walked to the stage, a group of sheep would be dancing around them, trying to give “prospects” the idea that these people were “rich” and highly successful. I now realise they were probably poorer than me. Everyone would stand up and clap and dance as if they were part of some cult. Here’s what happened when one of these up lines walked out –

    Friend: “Dude.. stand up and clap..”
    Me: “Umm.. why?”
    Friend: “Because that is what we do here dude .. we are supposed to do it.”
    Me: “Theek hai.. but why?”
    Friend: “We just do it dude. We don’t ask questions”

    When I attended one of their training sessions, I asked the lady conducting the training as to how I could could go about signing my parents up for this since they’d never agree to it. To which she went on a rant .. going to the extent of asking me to give up on such parents who could not support the concept of “financial freedom” for their child. This is QNet.

    I shudder to think about those families that have invested heavily into this, all because of the false notion that investing more would help them recover their money faster.

    If you’re an IR and reading this, you know I’m right. You know you’ve lost your friends and well-wishers. All you’re left with is the hope that you can con more people in order to recover all that money that has gone down the drain. I sympathize with you and at the same time believe you deserve this for conning other people.

    That said, if Rahul Pandey or Neha Pandey approach you, stay away. Or report them to the police.

  • Shilpa • Reply

    QNET IS THE SHITTTY COMPANY…i regret that I trusted a sweet talkker guy on tinder (Deepak Arora)and given him money..i cant express my pain…it was my .worst decision of my life…qnet should be banned …I curse them badly..i losted my 11 lakhs rupees and karma will not ignore this ..QNet loosers will become beggars soon..bloody slaves of QNet zombies i feel cursing them all the time.qnet will be banned soon cause its has looted hard earned money..Dont forget karma will slap you all hard.

  • anupaam • Reply

    Hello Guys,

    Those who lost their everything because of Qnet please email me your contact number will fight together with them. My email ID is [email protected]. Hyderabad guys please contact me on priority.

  • Qnet Supporter • Reply

    Qnet – A scam or a Lifestyle?

    I am going to answer all your questions about Qnet in this blog. But firstly let me introduce myself. I am an experienced Sr.HR professional. I had worked for 9 yrs in the corporate sector & needless to say, as everyone else I too wasnt satisfied with my job, salary & growth. I was trying hard to establish my own setup & start a Business of my own. But obviously money matters. The kind of finances required were way too high for a normal person like me, so I started searching for something that can give me a big desired turnover with comparatively less investment. One day I was chatting to one of my Ex. Colleague on Linkedin & something told him that I wasnt happy with my job even though I was pretending to. He called me up over a coffee – And that day changed My life forever.

    I proudly call myself a Networker today & I am working with Qnet since almost a year now, successfully. Happy & content by all means without a job.

    Now let’s discuss for what we are here for – QNET.

    1) What is QNET?

    Qnet is a global E-commerce company & a subsidiary of Qi Group of Companies. Qnet is a part of Network Marketing Industry which is 75 years old & $170Billion Industry.

    Qnet organizes one of the largest conventions on this planet for its working partners called V-con. I have visited Malaysia to participate in last 3 V-Cons i.e,2014, 2015 and 2016 & I have seen more than 10000 people of many nationalities, religions, colors, gathered as One & that is what I call BELIEF.

    CLICK here to get an insight 3rd party view about Qnet & V-con – http://www.obtainer-online.com/news/en/v-uae-2015-a-monumental-success.html

    2) is QNET a Scam?

    NO. A scam is a con biz where you are asked to invest money – with a promise of double/triple returns without working. Qnet is a business hence you dont earn if you dont work.

    3) Why is QNET not a Scam?

    Qnet is a registered direct selling company & Direct Selling is a Worldwide recognized LEGAL Business. In QNET, no one tells you that you will get anything without working. QNET is a business model, where you invest money / buy a product & with that you get a Business center, Network support & virtual Infrastructure absolutely free of cost. With this business center you can create a network & spread the idea of the Biz, which will do more Sales. For each sale Qnet gives you a defined amount of money and hence more the sales, more the profit.

    In short Qnet pays you to sell their product, just like a Salesman gets his salary or profit-share, just like how a normal Business man earns, just like how a Shopkeeper earns by selling things. Only difference is you don’t work alone here.

    4) Is QNET a Pyramid scheme / system?

    NO. Pyramid schemes / systems are illegal scams, where the people at the top benefit from the financial suffering of those they introduce into the organization. Both Network Marketing & Pyramid systems utilize the power of exponential growth, but they use this principle in different ways and for very different ends. Hence, one must verify the fact before joining a NM Company. Facts cannot be verified from googling or through baseless reports many websites provide. Facts can only be verified through a person in the Biz who is atleast a 6 months old in the company. I had verified QNET’s PAN no. & DSA registration, check out the link for proof : ( http://www.dsam.org.my/members-list )

    I had also visited QNET’s Head Office called Qi Tower in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    5) Why so many people write/complain negative about QNET? Or why people fail in QNET?

    As Networking requires hard work & dedication, most of the people are not able to cope up with the required efforts. These people are either lazy to work or lazy to LEARN. Most of the people fail in Qnet or in any Network marketing biz is because they just focus on earning and avoid LEARNING, which is the greatest mistake. No business can be run by anyone without knowing how to run it, without the knowledge of the Industry & the Know-how of the biz. Same is with Qnet / Network marketing biz, people who dont learn the Biz, fails drastically & hence they complain/write crap about it claiming that it dsnt work. Actually if you ask me, I’ll say – “No business works, You have to work the Business.”

    6) Is this a ‘Get Rich quick scheme’?

    No! Network marketing is not by any means a get rich quick scheme. If you’re looking for a way to make vast amounts of money in a very short time then you should probably consider crime or gambling, but I wouldn’t advise either! NM requires effort like in any other biz to make it work. As answered in (Q.5) above, it usually takes a dedicated effort over the course of a few years before anyone starts earning a substantial income.

    Network marketing is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme, but it is a good method to build up an extra stream of income, which is a lot better than most people have right now.

    7) Is Network Marketing / Qnet Legal?

    Network marketing is absolutely legal, and is governed by strict regulations in most countries. However, be aware that some companies masquerade as network marketing companies whilst failing to conform to the required regulations.

    In most countries, the network marketing industry is regulated by the Direct Selling Association (DSA). There is lots more information on their website regarding regulations and legal issues. They charge hefty fees for membership, so it is certainly possible that a legitimate network marketing company might not be a member of the DSA. Qnet is registered with the DSA. The list of DSA registered companies can be checked through the link provided in Q.4).

    8) Am I being brainwashed?

    Yes, every time you watch a TV commercial, read the news paper or speak to any of your opinionated friends. Your opinions on pretty much everything are the result of brainwashing, some of which is accurate and some is not. The point of this page is that network marketing does not need to rely on such methods to be successful – either it makes sense to you or it doesn’t. Lots of people are worried because they find network marketing extremely exciting, but their friends don’t seem to agree. They have perhaps heard stories of unscrupulous conmen and wonder if they are being conned. At some point, you have to stand back and look at the situation with logical eyes – just ask yourself who is most qualified to make a valid decision. If you ask negative people why they dislike NM, 9 times out of 10 they will return with an incorrect or illogical reason. I soon realized that their opinion was probably based on brainwashing, not mine.

    9) Isnt this exploiting my friends & relatives?

    Lots of people worry about this point, despite the fact that they never considered it themselves when they were introduced to the business. When I was introduced to NM, I was grateful for the opportunity to examine the business, and I never once thought that I was being exploited. After all, I was offered exactly the same opportunity as my friend, and it was my choice whether to enter into the business or not. If I did all the work and they did none then I would still get a substantially larger income from my business than they would. In most network marketing organizations, those who do nothing are not eligible for an income. Besides – if there were no upline above me and I was the first person ever to join the organization, the compensation plan presented to me would have been exactly the same. The actions of those above me in the organization were not affecting me, except in a positive way through their encouragement and commitment.

    10) Why should I trust and join QNET?

    Qnet started in Sep 1998 & is 18 years old. It has an annual Turnover of $2.8Billion. It has a customer base of more than 10Million people across the globe. The products it offer are highly loved among its already existing customers with great services. It has the Best compensation plans among all the NM companies offering an annual turnover of Rs.4.84Cr after a dedicated effort of 4-5 yrs. QNET is the official sponsor of Formula-1 Virgin Racing Team, AFC Champions League, etc. & is partner with bodies like FIFA, Ferrari Corp., United nations Food & agriculture program, RYTHM Foundation, Commonwealth Forums, Mayer Mint, etc.

    If so powerful people like Sir Richard Branson, Nick Vujicic, Muttiah Muralitharan, Shreyas Talpade, Michael Ferreira, etc. can trust Qnet & work with it, who are you & I to question Qnet’s credibility!!!

    11) If QNET is so good, why dont everyone join?

    People who say ‘no’ to Qnet for several reasons. For the majority, they don’t see how it could fit into their lives. They have perhaps lived a very long time in the same frame of mind, or the same job, and it has become a fixed pattern. For others, they honestly don’t see how they could find enough time in their hectic life. Plenty of people working 90 or 100+ hour weeks have built huge network marketing businesses in their spare time. It’s just a matter of priorities.

    The majority of people who don’t join all have exactly the same reason. That is “I just don’t think that it will work for me.” Of course, the job of a dedicated network marketer is to convince those people that it can work for them, and that the rewards are real and tangible. But in the end, many people will never join. But this is great – if the whole world joined then who would be the doctors, dentists, politicians, musicians, shop workers, police, waiters, cooks, accountants and teachers!

    Then there is the group that is so sure of themselves that they cannot possibly understand why anyone would want to join a NM organization. Some of them even go out to stop those they know from doing the same. This is almost always borne of an ignorance of NM. There is usually a friend of a friend who tried and failed. Often these people cover their tracks by blaming it on the company or the business model – they don’t admit that they simply didn’t work hard enough. Sometimes they joined a poor company, and didn’t research it enough. It’s unfortunate, but these people will always exist. Everyone who has ever achieved anything difficult has faced those people telling them why they were sure to fail. Albert Einstein’s school maths teacher famously told him that he would never amount to anything! I love this quote from that same man whose outstanding mind revolutionized practically all of modern physics:

    Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. The

    latter cannot understand it when a man does not thoughtlessly submit to hereditary

    prejudices, but honestly and courageously uses his intelligence.

    ~ Albert Einstein

    Often those people mean well, but they are simply voicing their own opinion. Millions of people have been held back from achieving truly remarkable things with their lives because of ‘well-meaning friends’ who told them not to. You have to analyze your decision for yourself – make sure that it is the right one and then absolutely commit to it. It doesn’t matter whether that decision is a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ – just trust yourself! Remember – whenever anyone tells you that you’re wrong, you almost certainly know a lot more about your business than they do! Don’t let someone else’s ignorance steal your chance for success!

  • Shilpa • Reply


  • ekta chanda • Reply

    It is totally scam that how to fool innocent people in smart way even though these fraudsters will not tell you the name of company till you made investment and you being an innocent fall in trap and loose your hard earn money in lacs in just one moment in future how it is to be recovered or not that god knows.
    So guys its request dont give weightage to any of ur best friend phone call or invitation for meeting in ccd or mall that he has some senior position for u in his business and dont loose opportunity
    Its all fake fraud cheating
    All your hard earn money goes into their pocket and with ur money they visit malaysia bangkok dubai for their chutia conference
    Pls pls pls be aware from this business and i m telling you the name of company its Qnet dont be trapped

    It’s a company where they teach you how to make chutiya to it close friends family an relative, they cheat innocents people n take hard earned money heartless they are chor company fraud company bloody scammer
    mujhe fassanaywala humara friend


    🙏🙏🙏🙏don’t fall in this bullshit
    Thank you

  • ekta chanda • Reply

    It is totally fraudbusiness that how to fool innocent people in smart way even though these fraudsters will not tell you the name of company till you made investment and you being an innocent fall in trap and loose your hard earn money in lacs in just one moment in future how it is to be recovered or not that god knows.
    So guys its request dont give weightage to any of ur best friend phone call or invitation for meeting in ccd or mall that he has some senior position for u in his business and dont loose opportunity
    Its all fake fraud cheating
    All your hard earn money goes into their pocket and with ur money they visit malaysia bangkok dubai for their chutia conference
    Pls pls pls be aware from this business and i m telling you the name of company its Qnet dont be trapped as they never say the name of company to the person 1st

    It’s a company where they teach you how to make chutiya to it close friends family an relative, they cheat innocents people n take hard earned money heartless they are chor company fraud company bloody scammer
    mujhe fassanaywala humara friend


    🙏🙏🙏🙏don’t fall in this bullshit
    Thank you

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