Richard Lancaster Shanks – Fraud and Impersonator.Makarios Christian School.Galilee Church Indonesia

Richard Lancaster Shanks and his partner in crime Cicilia Setiawati have been committing fraud and impersonating as a family for over one year. Here are the facts:


Richard claims to not have been married to his third wife: False

Why false ? he filed a lawsuit against the Indonesian government claiming that his wife falsified his marriage certificate, when actually he arranged for the license and certificates not his wife. He lost in court, he appealed and lost again. He is officially married to his second wife as per law

He had a son with his second wife. In the lawsuit mentioned above he also petitioned the court to remove his last name from his son. The court denied the request

He has abandoned his son which he hasn’t seem for over two years. He pays no child support and not even a call on his Birthday or Christmas.

But get this…his first wife ended up in divorce. He has two children with his first wife. He also abandoned them and hasn’t spoken to them in years. They now don’t care if he is dead or alive.

It gets better….Richard is a fake teacher…he claims that he has a college degree and an MBA. He purchased fake diplomas. On his resume he lists these schools. He has NEVER received a college degree much less an MBA

There is more…RIchard applied and received Mexican citizenship. He did that because he was accused of raping a 16 year old girl in the US. He has not set foot in the US for over 20 years.

He now claims he is married to Cicilia Setiawaiti who is just as guilty as she knows of his crimes. Yet being a former “working girl” and single mother she hangs on tight…and now Richard claims to be the father of a forth child. By the way Richard claims they had a relationship since 1999…but he was married with his third wife…so go figure.

She and he currently do some work at the Makarios Christian School under false information. He also is a member of the Galilee Church Indonesia, which he clams to be a pastor

Why are we saying all this?? Because we have all the proof, the paper work, the witnesses, the photographs. We can back up what we claim.

Please be aware of Richard Lancaster Shanks and Cicilia Setiawati they are con artist trying to infiltrate anywhere to get attention and money

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