Roosh V – The Guy Who Supports Rape

Roosh V – The Guy Who Supports Rape

1.    Introduction

Some people make you lose faith in humanity. Daryush Valizadeh or Roosh V is one of those people. This man is a serial rapist, who roams around freely, boasting about his crimes. I’m one of his victims. The pain and turmoil this guy has made me go through are too much to cope with. Daryush shouldn’t only be sent to jail, he should be given a death sentence and tortured.

He promotes rape and encourages other men to rape women. He has admitted to raping multiple women on different occasions. He doesn’t hesitate in saying that he’s a rapist. He is glad of this fact and through his books and blog, he urges other men to do the same. My eyes fill with tears whenever I remember his malicious act. The harsh truth is, he has raped multiple women but is still free.

To keep himself safe from the backlash, he dwells in foreign countries. But he doesn’t stop. He keeps publishing these evil schemes. He is even making money off his deviant views. He is a disgrace to the society and his freedom only shows how we fail as humans.

Through this article, I wanted to help others find out the reality behind this sociopath rapist. Many people are unaware of their wrongful deeds. Maybe this little article might save someone’s life.

2.    Who is Roosh V?

It’s important that you know who Roosh is. He was born on 14th June 1979 in Washington DC. His parents immigrated to the US before his birth. He belongs to a rich family. He grew up in one of the wealthiest counties of the US, Montgomery County, Maryland. His parents underwent a divorce and him along with his sisters started living with their mother. Daryush got his nickname ‘Roosh’ in high school and he has kept it as it is.

He took up coding and set up a blog during his school days to express his views. He was a nerd and he didn’t have much success during his school days. His crimes didn’t start here. He first went to college and then got a job as a microbiologist. All this time, he wasn’t courageous enough to ask out a girl or get a girlfriend. He was frustrated with his sex life. And that’s when he changed things for himself.

He started going out and implementing the various ‘dating tactics’ available. His crimes began from this time. He started raping women due to their frustration. And he took notes of all of his experiences. He is not a sane man. His malicious activities didn’t stop and as he kept ruining the lives of many women, he kept notes of his experiences.

He wrote a book in 2007, based on his experiences, which is ‘Bang’. It got published so he quit his job and started travelling. I no longer believe that God does justice because if He did, then such a vicious criminal and animal wouldn’t be this successful. Daryush started travelled to South America in the following year and published four more books.

One of them was a simple memoir. The other three (Colombia, Argentina and Brazil) were marketed as ‘dating advice’ while in reality, they tell men how to rape women in these countries. He keeps doing these crimes, writes about them and earns from publishing the same. He runs multiple websites for sharing his views. Daryush doesn’t stay in one country because of his criminal background.

I wasn’t able to find where he lives currently. He might be in Poland, Russia or some other European country. He is a villain of the society who has destroyed the lives of many innocent women. His supporters claim that he can’t be called a rapist because there are no cases registered against him. I’m a victim myself and I can tell you, many women don’t have the courage to press charges. And the way he rapes women, according to his own accounts, it’s self-explanatory how some women might be too drugged or drunk to even recognize this guy.

3.    Roosh Raped ME

Daryush did his malicious acts on me in London. I was travelling with my friends and I met him in a bar. I didn’t know about Daryush at that time and I thought he is just a simple guy trying to hit on me. I ignored him. I was about to leave with my friends when Daryush offered me a drink. My friends told me that a drink wouldn’t hurt. They were so wrong. If I hadn’t taken that drink that day, I would have escaped the grips of this monster.

He had bought drinks for all of us. We thanked him and left. I went to my hotel room and when I reached there, I noticed my head was feeling dizzy. I was feeling nauseous and then I saw him coming from the lobby. He was stalking me. I got scared. I asked him what was he doing there and was he stalking me?

He told me that he was too attracted to my body and wanted to ‘shove his dick into my pussy’ from the moment he saw me. I entered my room and he barged in. I was frightened but my vision got too blurry. All of a sudden  I fell unconscious. I remember only one other detail from that night. My eyes had opened in the middle of the night when I saw Roosh RAPING me. I wasn’t able to lift a finger. I felt so helpless and weak at that time. I tried fighting back but my body didn’t support me. All I could see was this monster pushing me and smiling. I can’t count the number of times I’ve prayed to God for taking my life.

When I woke up the next morning, he wasn’t there. My underwear was on the floor and I was left with a strong headache. I wouldn’t have shared my account. But after seeing his countless hideous acts and his arrogance of claiming to be a ‘victim’ of feminazis, I couldn’t control myself. I cried for many nights and since then, I haven’t been able to feel sexually attracted to anyone. He took advantage of me and ruined my life.

I’m aware that I’m not the only girl he has used. There are many others he has wreaked havoc upon and destroyed their innocence. His views are misogynistic and fanatic. Such vile monsters should get the harshest punishments available. I tried taking my life but my friends and family kept me alive. I was in severe depression for around 5-6 months after this incident. I stopped going out and talking to strangers became a haunted activity for me.  My life had come to a complete stop. Gathering enough courage to share this story was a herculean task for me. If only I hadn’t taken the drink that night, I might have been safe and free from this permanent scar.

Roosh is a pickup artist, a serial rapist and a degenerate who is popularizing rape of women. Take a look at his articles published on his various blogs and you’ll see his low-minded views regarding women. He is a sexual predator and he tells other men to become the same. He also promotes unprotected sex and tells you to lie about your STD condition. Why? Because if you tell the girl that you have an STD, you wouldn’t be able to get her in the bed. He not only promotes these misogynistic views but he also says that he is a victim of the modern media and the feminists. He claims that he’s being wrongfully portrayed as a criminal.

4.    His Own Admissions

Daryush has mentioned many times that he has raped multiple women. He has done so, through his books and blog articles. He boasts about his malicious acts and thinks that it is an act of courage or ‘masculinity’ to be able to rape other women. His encouragement of raping can have a huge impact on the young minds of our generation. I’m not the first and certainly not the only person who hates the misogynistic views of this pervert.

He has been named as the ‘Most Hated Person on the Internet’ by different media outlets on multiple occasions. Media outlets from different countries hate this guy because of his backward and stereotypical views of seeing all women as ‘whores’ who should be ‘choked and butt-fucked’. He had admitted to raping women in his own books.

In his book, Bang- Iceland, he shares how he raped two passed out drunk girls. He mentions that he knows it would be considered rape because he would not get consent. But he did not care. He says, “I realized how drunk she was. I was sober, but I can’t say I cared or even hesitated.”

He rapes her and mentions it after this excerpt. But he doesn’t stop there. In another section of the same book, he discusses another instance of raping an Icelandic girl. My blood boils whenever I read the words of this animal. He not only thinks that it’s ok to be raped but he makes a fool of his victims by telling his ‘tales’ in his books.

He starts by saying, “She was now drunk out of her mind.” He says she was too drunk to even walk straight. Her friends had left and he forcefully stayed with the girl until she reached home. When they got there, he asked if he could use the restroom. The girl refused him to come throughout the journey but he kept pretending to be a gentleman and saying that he was afraid someone might take advantage of her weak state. He objectifies women, like any other retarded male, saying, “I could see her stockings almost all the way to her pussy.”

When he enters her home, he starts kissing her, rips off her clothes and ‘jams the dick inside’, according to his own words. He said he stopped having sex with her after five minutes because she was too drunk to produce any lubrication.

In ‘Bang Poland’, Roosh shares some other stories of raping women. In the first story, he shares how he raped a small woman. He was turned on by her petite figure and he told himself that she would not walk out the door without getting fucked. He forcefully put her on her stomach and started his hideous act.

Furthermore, he shares a story where the girl kept saying no for four hours until he fucked her. He says the sex was painful for her and she whimpered like a wounded puppy the whole time. She cried after his deed but he didn’t care.

In another article, he openly discusses what according to him, are the qualities of a good rape. He discusses that a girl should begin to enjoy it and start to beg for it. According to this animal, a girl should want to be raped again. Only an evil sociopath could come up with such ideas. He is not only promoting rape but he is glorifying it. He is putting the lives of many young women at risk by polluting the mind of males all around the world.

These were his own admissions present in his books and articles. When cornered, he simply said he was acting a little macho so people would buy his books. He is a disgusting man who shouldn’t be allowed to spread these stories and messages. He has even said that it is better to be remembered as a rapist than a nobody.

He likes being a rapist. I can relate with the women he has mentioned in his books. And words can’t explain the pain and disgust a woman feels after this hideous act. Many organizations are now working towards helping women who have been raped by Roosh. Think about it. Just guess the number of women he has raped that multiple organizations are now trying to repair their lives.

5.    His perverted books

Roosh has raped many women in different countries. But he doesn’t stop there. He shares his stories of raping other women and ruining their lives in his publications and markets them as dating advice. He likes to call himself a pickup artist. He also claims that his book for heterosexual males who are too shy to approach women.

If you will take a look at the reviews of some of his books on Amazon, you will see how pathetic and low-minded views these books share. One reviewer claimed that Roosh is a virgin who has only shared his fantasies through these books. The reviewer hopes that ‘No one is lonely enough’ to start believing in the lies and fantasies of Roosh.

Some other people say that the ideas shared in these books are not pick up lines or strategies. If someone really wants to pick up a girl, one only needs to treat her like people, unlike Roosh, who says all women are whores. Through the books, he tells readers to rape women and don’t hesitate in doing so. He also tells his readers to lie to women about using protection or about one’s views on STDs. If a girl asks your name, Roosh’s suggestion is to lie to her.

He rationalizes his views on rapes by saying that all women are sluts. In one of his articles, he has given a step-by-step guide on how to have a raw (unprotected) sex with any woman. It has three steps, of which, the first two tell the reader to lie to the woman and act like you care a lot about her well-being. The third step tells you to rape her. If she objects, try multiple times and after 4 or 5 tries, you’ll be having sex with the girl no matter you have her consent or not.

He does not believe in getting consent. For him, all women are sluts and whores so he doesn’t need consent from them to have intercourse. He tells his readers to have sex with a lady even if she is saying no. In one of his admissions, he said that he received over 50 no’s from the girl he was having sex with. She kept saying from the start to the end. He was thankful that he did not give up to her no’s and got the prize at the end, which was sex.

According to Roosh, the true nature of a woman is of a sex-obsessed slut. He says that there is a bitch, flake, cheater, cunt, slut, narcissist, whore, and a backstabber within every girl. Clearly, he doesn’t see women as human beings. Like me, he has destroyed the lives of many other women all around the globe and he doesn’t have even a tad bit of remorse for his actions.

He plays the victim card when he gets afraid. He says he is a victim of the extreme feminists. His followers, who say Roosh isn’t a rapist, clearly have no idea what rape means. Roosh is giving masculinity a bad name. To keep himself safe, he is now hiding under the name of ‘neomasculinity’. It is an anti-feminism moment and Roosh is the leader of the same. I just wish this guy comes back to his senses and stops uttering all this nonsense. I wish God does justice and makes this monster pay for all his crimes.

6.    Amazon has banned his books

Daryush Valizadeh is making profits off raping women. He writes about his experiences and sells them through his books. His followers say that he hasn’t been found guilty but they don’t consider the fact that Roosh is to be prosecuted for rape charges in over 5 countries. According to him, he makes around $60,000 from his books. He is a self-published author and he has made a living off raping women.

However, after a lot of backlashes, Amazon has removed 9 of his books from the online store. Roosh used to earn money directly from the sales of these books. Amazon was getting profits off the earnings of Roosh too. But it’s important for such corporations to take responsibility against such misogynistic animals. You should note that Amazon removed his books from the site after a long period of hatred and backlash.

A petition was released to tell Amazon to remove Roosh’s books. More than 200k people signed this petition so you can see how many people are disgusted by the activities and ideas of this vicious creature. He is hiding away in a European country but this little step will surely give him a blow.

7.    Social Media

To spread his hateful messages and the ideas of ‘neomasculity’, Roosh takes the help of Twitter and other social media platforms. These platforms also help him in increasing his sales. Far-right activists like his ideas of glorifying sexual assault. The number of his Twitter followers is over 50,000 and on YouTube, he has around 40k subscribers.

How can such a sociopath have so many followers? It’s clear that some people enjoy his tales of raping other women. Roosh wants to end rape by making it legal. He doesn’t care even a little about the opposite sex. He only cares about sexual assaults and sexual needs. He uses both of these platforms to promote his writing, his articles and his books.

8.    Conclusion

Daryush is clearly a disgrace to the whole of mankind. He is a pathetic, sociopathic, degenerate, who sees women as objects and sluts. He has already destroyed my life along with many other women. I just hope that you found this article helpful. It’s important to raise awareness against such an evil misogynistic serial rapist. You don’t know how much pain he has made me and other women go through. It is imperative to put him to justice. He has been escaping the authorities ever since he did his crimes.

What are your thoughts on this scum bag? Shouldn’t he be in the jail? Please share your story here, monsters like Roosh shouldn’t be wandering the streets and if you have any stories then definitely share them.


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Advocating for the legalization of rape and demeaning women by treating them as notches on a bedpost. This book is trash. It is about getting away with rape, sexual assault, and emotional abuse.

Fuck all this shit.

To all the people that have marked this shit as “to-read”, what the fuck?


HOLY MOTHER OF GOD. What the fuck is this shit? HOW IS IT ABLE TO BE ON THIS WEBSITE ?! And individuals question why women will not deal with males any time on their own if there’s shit like this out on the planet. Who the fuck was on fracture when this was being written. And please inform me no self appreciating publisher dealt with this actual piece of garbage. I wish to god nobody purchases shit like this that I understand. I have actually despaired in mankind. How in the FUCKING HELL does this have a four star rating… Read more »

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