What we do

We protect your right to free speech, and give you a platform to voice your opinion and fight the bad guys without worrying about finances, security, confidentiality, legal hassles, technical capabilities, resources or information.

Does the following apply to you?

  • Do you want to expose a scam or fraud?
  • Do you want to investigate and educate people about an unethical business?
  • Are you a whistleblower and want to reveal something important?
  • Do you want to take up a social or political cause and question the big guns?
  • Do you want to highlight an important issue but are afraid of retributions?
We take care of it all, allowing you to focus on the fight at hand.
If you don't want to run a website, you can still submit your story/article and we will publish it on our blog Write an Article

Help with a free website

WebActivism will arrange and set up for you, a fully functional website with a (free) domain name , lifetime free hosting, website design plus development and lifetime technical and legal support for your campaign. Everything is absolutely free. All costs are covered through donations we receive from our supporters and volunteers.

Free Anonymous Domain Name

We provide free offshore domains registrations in multiple European and Asian countries. Our Offshore Domain Trust is currently resident in these selected privacy-friendly nations which provides you with more private location options for your whois data. An anonymous offshore domain is superior to a regular anonymous domain registration, like Godaddy, considering Jurisdictional Benefits. No one can simply sub-poena and get your details. We have strict privacy shield for domains, which means your names are not mentioned anywhere in the domain registry information. The domain is registered by our legal expert, who cannot reveal the beneficiary/current user of the domain name due to attorney-client priviledge.

Free Anonymous & Secure Web Hosting

The web hosting is managed by our datacenters in Sweden, Switzerland and Iceland. These locations have some of the oldest and strongest Freedom of Speech regulations in the world. WebActivism will not respond to any demands from authorities in other countries for information about clients, logs or data or anything else.
4 CPU, 3072 Mb RAM, 24 Gb HDD, 100 Mbit interface, 4 TB bandwidth, 2 TB Data [our default hosting plan]
Your website will be hosted at the same servers where wikileaks is hosted. Nothing can be more safe, private and powerful than this.

Designing & Development of your Website

Among our thousands of volunteers, we have highly capable and elite designers, coders, network admin, developers, marketers , legal experts and other professionals who are always willing to spend their time and energy to help a fellow Web Activist. Depending on the requirement, Webactivism can provide you with a fully custom blog, or forum, or any kind of website that solves the purpose and gets you going. And it’s all free of cost. It’s a community effort finally, and we are just the platform which brings everyone together for a common cause.

Privacy, Confidentiality and Security

We also guarantee your confidentiality and privacy. The domain, hosting and everything is managed by us. Your identity, including IP address, is never stored, nor shared, nor provided to any legal authority under any circumstances. So you can run your website, without any fear of retribution, or getting identified. Security is managed by some of the top experts, who volunteer to help the Web Activists for no fee. Your website will be hack-free, DDos protected and kept secure. Many of them have over 2 decades of experience in their respective fields, and are the best of the best.

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