One thing which inevitably we all endure in life is losing our parents, but losing them at a very young age is a completely different story. You are psychologically exhausted and expect your family to belittle the pain you are going through, But what if your close ones become a turncoat?

Finding an adjective becomes very difficult when you talk about Indonesia based ‘entrepreneur’ Sukanto Tanoto. A shameful, devious, roguish and an opportunist man to be very polite and gentle while speaking about him. With a Wealth Value of Rp 28,8 trillion and zero ethics, Sukanto Tanoto is the most inhuman guy you will ever know in your life. Just another unethical and deceitful baron from Suharto era.

Wendy Tanoto the niece of Sukanto Tanoto in an open letter exposed Sukanto like anything. On 26th of September 1997, Wendy’s father Polar Yanto Tanoto died in a plane crash. Now celebrated as one of the wealthiest men from Indonesia Sukanto Tanoto was his brother, unfortunately, Who later gave the definition of ‘Opportunist’ to the world. Sukanto tortured mother of Wendy and called her a woman with ‘Bad Luck’, His greedy mind did not stop here, His people threatened Wendy and her children and eventually took everything from them.

The legal fight went on for some time but the helpless family had to give up in front of Sukanto, They did not pursue the case further. Truth gave up in front of big lawyers and poor economic condition. She could not even afford education of her child and this greedy opportunist took it all from them, Did not even care about his dead brother nor his family which went through a lot just because of his immoral ambitions.

The sole purpose of this article is to expose this opportunist Sukanto Tanoto and his Royal Golden Eagle. What he does in the name of his so-called ‘ethical business’ and philanthropical activities should come out. Listing down few unknown facts about a man who has been explained through flowery words via various ‘Credible’ websites and magazines. It’s money and not the truth which speaks louder these days.

  1. Coming from a Lumber Industry, Sukanto Tanoto has been continuously damaging human rights. In 2011, Rick Van Lee, an innocent Canadian designer was being locked up by Sukanto in the dorms, later sent out to prison for an additional 6 months in Indonesia. He ultimately got free with the assistance of the Canadian High Commission.
  1. An ex-employee from Sukanto Tanoto’s Pulp Factory explains how he ultimately resigned from the company as the soil expansion kept causing forest destruction and he never even cared. Well, it was his mistake I suppose, How could you expect Sukanto to care about the environment when he doesn’t even care about the family of his dead brother.
  1. Almost every employee from Sukanto’s empire who worked with Wendy’s father as well have written about the cruel and insensitive behavior of Sukanto Tanoto. In fact, they called him ‘Restless Nightmare’.
  1. After Wendy’s letter came, many people including Jolene who was giving an interview in RGE did not even consider working with Sukanto, Many existing employees to wrote about the poor work culture of RGE following the sequence.
  1. Sukanto’s violent behavior too came to light when he hurled an ashtray at an employee causing injury while he lost his temper. There are several incidents of him abusing, scolding, passing stupid remarks and even flinging a shoe on an employee in a meeting.
  1. Though Sukanto is the richest guy of Indonesia, He will not give the hard earned Bonus of employees, as reported by the employees who are currently working in the company, Bonus is delayed by years without any reason.
  1. Greenpeace, A forest campaigner from Toronto said that ‘Just to feed their mills, APRIL is busy destroying one of the major rain forest which is one of the best Tiger Habitat’. The deforestation in this region will almost put the Sumatran Tiger into endangered species, which is a very rare one. On the name of sustainable forest development, this is what they are doing.
  1. The organisational structure of RGE is basically like a criminal gang where the entry doors are always open but there is no way out. Many of their employees can’t even go back home because they were indulged into illegal activities while working in the company
  1. An ex employee on the condition of being anonymous told us that Sukanto tried to destroy his new venture after he left his company, Now what’s this Mr. Tanoto? Go get some life and stop snooping into others. Basically this guy is the worst boss for an ambitious employee.
  1. Flowery words when you enter the organization and unpaid salaries and bonus while you leave is common culture of RGE.

This is 10 out of uncountable ‘advantages’ of working with RGE and Sukanto Tanoto. I have a very simple message to him if he is reading this “Mr. Sukanto, Fairness is a two way street and if you won’t treat people behind your success fairly, even we have our own ways to seek justice. I hereby request everyone to share this and comment if they were illtreated by this guy. The real face of Sukanto should come out which is hidden due to various rep management campaigns and well paid media.

Real Sukanto will be found only when you read blogs by people who have worked with him, environmentalists who know what APRIL is doing, Wendy who is fighting for nothing but her own share, Be the voice of these people and expose the hypocrisy of Sukanto Tanoto.




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