The Airline Academy – An Absolute Sham and Scam

I am an aspiring student who is extremely passionate about flying and joining an airline, i finally finished my schooling and I was applying for jobs a few months and I had a recruiter come to my home, and present a presentation of how many students were getting receiving jobs through “The Airline Academy”. THAT IS NONSENSE l!!! I applied for a scholarship through the state of AZ and the state was very hesitant on giving it to me. The school costs more than $8000 to go and the housing was horrible and the experience was absolutely terrible and i regret considering it till date!!! At the end of the month course they brought in some random airlines no on ever heard of! More than half the students went through so much hard work to still not have a job and remain unemployed and at the mercy of this fraudulent academy who we have already paid a hefty amount. In the presentation they make you believe you will have this great career, but really you are still in the same position, if not worse! Each month they are getting around 30 students and are making thousands of dollars and its an absolute scam, it is just a way to make money at the cost of ruining careers of budding students wanting to work in the airline industry.

I do not know what will i do now, how would i recover my time or money, i am sitting at home unemployed since many months and nor are they able to get me job in an airline i have heard of and nor is any good airline even considering my experience with them. i really want to make aspiring individuals in this field aware of my plight and aware of the fact that there are many companies/ academies like The Airline Academy which have no credibility and you should refrain any kind of interaction with them . They will tell you what you want to hear and show you what you want to see, they will use every trick in the hat to convince you that this is the only way to fulfill your dream.

My parents and family member are extremely upset and i feel guilty for that because i convinced them to let met do this. Flying is my passion and something i have been fond of since my childhood, i had always dreamt of travelling the whole world and living my childhood dream, but the so called – The Airline Academy ruined it all, i don’t have a job and i don’t even have money to again go to any such academy. i have lost faith in all such academies thanks to them. i wish i had the resources to expose them, i know many victims and many other people who have serious complaints against them and regret ever associating with them. Do not fall for their marketing campaigns and what all they claim and advertise. its all false and there is no truth to any of it. what is surprising is that i don’t see any complaint against them on the internet, i find that really odd and uncanny. i wish to make as many people as i can aware about these scammers!

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