The Kestenbaum Family, The Money Behind Bloomingburg and A Checkered History of Sexual Misdeeds

We at would refer to Louis Kestenbaum as a serial sex offender with the luck of the Irish and few friends in the blogosphere. Claims against him for sexual misdeeds date back well into the 80’s. To date, he has never been punished for his misdeeds. In fact, with regard to the Penzoil case, he won money because of the incompetent investigation conducted by Penzoil

An article in Fortune Magazine in August of 1993 by Anne B. Fisher references a case in 1984 involving sexual harassment at Penzoil when Kestenberg was vice president for a secluded ranch owed by the company.

She writes:

“Consider the case of Louis Kestenbaum. From 1977 to 1984, Kestenbaum was vice president in charge of guest operations at a secluded ranch and spa that Pennzoil operated in northern New Mexico. In January 1984, someone wrote an anonymous letter to Pennzoil’s top management accusing Kestenbaum of sexual harassment and other misdeeds. Kestenbaum denied the allegations but was fired anyway. He sued Pennzoil and won $500,000 in damages for wrongful discharge in 1988. The reason? Pennzoil’s in-house investigator admitted in court that she had relied on rumor and innuendo in compiling the sexual-harassment report that got Kestenbaum the ax. ”No attempt was made to evaluate the credibility of the persons interviewed,” wrote the judge.”

Had the company done the proper level of investigation or had the persons involved decided perhaps to press charges, rumor has it that it went beyond mere harassment, perhaps all of the alleged crimes that followed could have been avoided. Perhaps…

There is a BlogSpot devoted entirely to Louis Kestenbaum. It is not complimentary. It goes back as far as 2006 and appears to have stopped a short while later. Some of what is written is based upon publicly available, some not so much. What we find so disturbing is that it would appear that many of the alleged crimes of the brothers Kestenbaum have gone largely unnoticed by law enforcement. Louis Kastenbaum appears to have not spent a day behind bars, despite allegations of fraud, money laundering, DOI Medicaid fraud all of which are on the short list. He settled with Proctor & Gamble on Ohio in a suit for fraudulently purchasing products to be sold overseas which were then shipped to a warehouse in Brooklyn and sold for nearly 40% more. We are hoping to find out who owned that warehouse.

He allegedly committed crimes in Hungary, Ohio, Hong Kong amongst others. And yet, he and his family have prominent places in the ODA and in other agencies giving them access to money, finances, influence both within the Satmar community and without. At what point, we would like to know, with law enforcement get involved and take what appears to be nothing more than a Jewish crime family down.


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