Why Do You Need to Understand Services of WordPress Security Plugins?

WordPress is secure or not? Do you really need security plugins? Here you get answers to these questions. Yes, of course, WordPress is secure. It is a bit astonishing for some of you who do not very much familiar with WordPress or the plugins which are being provided by WordPress. If you design your website using free WP themes then also you need not worry about the security of your website. Only one thing which you have to keep in mind is that you have to be up to date with WordPress plugins and themes. That is, whenever there is any updates, you have to install that update. If someone is not much using WordPress and the one who is much busy in their schedule that even they don’t have time to check for any updates, then, for them security plugins are much required.

Existence of Security Plugin:

Security plugins exist to provide additional security to your WordPress website. There are many security plugins are provided by WordPress using them you can effectively protect your site from malicious attack and in turn, it will function well and more than expected.

As we all know that there are always two sides of a coin similarly here also there are two different phases by which we can see the “existence of security plugin”:

The despondent way: They want money from you

It is much easy to sell security plugins to the one who is already anxious regarding the security of their WordPress site and the one who does not know much about the various security features provided by the security plugins. Some security plugins do not contain any protective feature which is expected to be in and even though people buy it because they are not aware of the various features which a security plugin must provide.

The optimistic Way: They want to help you

Some companies who design various security plugins they really want to help regarding the security of your site. Plugins designed by them comprised of various protective features. It means that they not only want to earn money but also want to help you.

So, whenever you want to buy a plugin you have to consider that what are the security features are being provided by the plugin.

Some of the security features which security plugins provide are:

  • WAF(Web Application Firewall)
  • IP Blocking
  • Malware Scan
  • File integrity
  • Backups
  • Audit log
  • Brute Force Blocking
  • 2-Factor Authentication

We are going to take a glance at some of the above-mentioned security features which are not generally known:

Web Application Firewall:

This functions as same as that of a firewall. It keeps your website isolated from the malicious data on the internet which may harm your site.

IP Blocking:

This deals with blocking of the IP addresses which are known to be malevolent.

Malware Scan:

In this scanning is done of your theme files and plugins to check for erroneous or malicious data.

File integrity:

It makes you aware if there are any changes that have been taken place in your files data. As it may possible that whatever change which has been caused is not good for the security of a website.

Brute Force Blocking:

When any of the strangers make many attempts to log in into your account just by guessing your password then this is known as “brute-force attack”. WordPress does not apply any limit to the number of attempts for entering a password.

2-Factor Authentication:

It is a way of providing authentication to another level. For example, if someone succeeds to guess your right password then there is again an authentication will be required and after that one can finally login to your account.

So, you have to understand services of the various WordPress security plugins only then you are able to do the comparison between different plugins and understand which one will be well fitted as per your requirement. One can use free WP themes to design their website effectively with security plugins to make it more protective.

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